Mission Majnu (2023)

Rashmika Mandanna, Parmeet Sethi, Ashwath Bhatt, Zachary Coffin,
In the 1970s, an undercover Indian spy takes on a deadly mission to expose a covert nuclear weapons program in the heart of Pakistan.
  • 7.8 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • Parveez Sheikh, Aseem Arora, Sumit Batheja, Writer:
  • Shantanu Bagchi, Director:
  • Amar Butala, Garima Mehta, Producer:


3 / 10

Demonstration of Cheap Patriotism

I don't know how long Indian audiences will keep giving 10 stars to such BS movies. No solid plots, spies are super lucky, all security personnels of the enemy are dumb, unnecessary and unrealistic fighting scene-- all the components of a cheap spy movie you will find in this movie. The movie could be a good one, yes.. it has that potential, but the scriptwriter or the director did not want to use their head.

To make matters worse, Siddharth failed to do a great job here, despite having some good opportunities to demonstrate his acting ability. Throughout the movie, for the spying part, he looked happy-go-lucky. He failed to portray the tension or suspense or thrill of spying in enemy army territory.

If you are into spy movie, watch Romeo-Akber-Walter and Phantom movies. Those two are gems compared to this Mission Majnu movie.

4 / 10

Detective not an agent

Sameer lodaya.

The movie is about raw agent but executed like a detective movie

The character of Sidharth is of a raw agent posted in Pakistan as major Hindi movie raw agents are imposed in or for Pakistan based stories but the character portrait more of a detective who has to find a place where Pakistan is making new ammunitions which was his major goal and he did it in a detective way rather than a agent

The performances were absolutely normal no goosebumps scenes, no major action, no hard dialogues, no intellectual plans only normal cold feet execution

Very smart decision to release on OTT and if I have to see a raw agent movie I would see raazi again.

5 / 10

Will not click

Anwar Says: Good start , gripping first hour , a new story on patriotic theme , clarity on narrative but it starts soaking down and every next scene is predictable. While watching, you have Shershah in mind , particularly finding Sidharth Malhotra on screen. Sidharth is a terrific actor but captain of the ship is the director and Shantanu Bagchi has been only able to save it from sinking.

Story time is mid '70 and Zia Ul Haque arrested Bhutto and came to power and wanted to become Nuclear Power secretly. RAW came in between and Pakistan is exposed in the world. Had all the materials to be a hit but this genre had top class Baby, Raazi etc. And anything less than that would not satisfy the audience. Sharib Hashmi and Kumud Mishra are the expected aids of the lead and when the main character could not put an impact, how can these supporting characters impress? Rashmika Mandanna as blind love interest of Hero has hardly anything to do.

The weakest area is action which is the most important thing in a spy thriller. Music is not hummable and VFX is weak. On the whole OK in parts but can be skipped. Producers have taken correct decision to release it straight on OTT. 2.5 out of 5 from me.

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1 / 10

Mission Confused

Something will never change, hate on each side of the border will perhaps remain more dominant on the right / east side. In order to procure dominancy, rules of the past are being copied, amongst that the most effective tool, propaganda. At least there, when a TV drama can lead everyone to believe something which never existed let alone in history, the propaganda tool is more effective on such. From twisting changing rewriting history, comes another movie Mission Majnu, misleading from the very start.

In disclaimer in the beginning states to be loosely inspired by true events, to the much big bolder claim to be inspired by the true events, as the movie begins. Perhaps the makers were confused themselves.

Nevertheless the movie historically has no truth involved and all the scenes and story show is highly a work of fiction.

But the funny elements will be observed throughout the movie. The Bollywood perception of Pakistan is very strange, it is very much stuck to their movies, it far from any reality. For instance, the dress code to drinking of tea in glass to eating Indian style steel utensils, everything is just badly made. Yes the most funny part on which laughed the most when he tries to climb a small mountain and the nuclear facility is shown with a green top, that was simply hilarious.

Nevertheless, it is complete waste to even give it a try, but if you want to see some useless direction, acting and nonsense, still don't go for it.

3 / 10

Mixture of Fanna, D-Day and little bit of Ek tha Tiger!!

This movie is a mixture of Fanna, D-Day and little bit of Ek tha Tiger!!. I don't know why people are giving 10 stars!!

The train scene where Sidharth Malhotra was wearing turban, I have never seen such a wonderful overacting!!! So stupid!! It is so evident to see that he is doing bad acting but people are still giving high ratings.

This is a propaganda movie and nothing else. Pakistan, Indra Gandhi, Army, Britishers and few other topics, that's all Bollywood has to offer now!!

I wonder when they will end this kind of stuff. Nothing looks realistic and they want to compete with English Movies!!