Mirror Mirror (1990)

Karen Black, Yvonne De Carlo, William Sanderson, Rainbow Harvest,
Mirror Mirror is a movie starring Karen Black, Yvonne De Carlo, and William Sanderson. A teenage girl begins receiving black magic power through an antique mirror that drips blood, not realizing the mirror is controlled by demonic...
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  • Annette Cascone, Gina Cascone, Yuri Zeltser, Writer:
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7 / 10

Very Atmospheric

I watched Mirror Mirror many years ago back in I think 1991. I seem to remember it being a pretty good film. After all these years, with the help of EBay, I found another copy and just got done watching it. Very interesting film.

The movie starts out back in the 30's. A young woman appears to have murdered her friend with an ominous looking mirror in the background. Now, skip to present day (1990), Megan and her mother have just moved into the same house in which that murder took place. The same ominous mirror is still in the house and instead of disposing of it, Megan has grown a liking to it. Now, Megan is a teenager and dresses like a goth kid so naturally she is tormented in the new school she is going to. But, she discovers that this mirror is giving her powers and her tolerance for the kids at school is wearing thin.

I know this description of the movie sounds a bit cheesy but you have to watch the movie to really catch the atmosphere. The camera angling is absolutely wonderful, the score is wonderful, the acting is okay (except Karen Black who is always welcome), the special effects are okay considering that this movies strong point was its atmosphere. And the ending is quite original. All in all, I give this a 7/10. Good effort.

8 / 10

Underrated film

This film is excellent, and it is so underrated. The atmosphere is good. Excellent acting...Rainbow Harvest does a great performance as Megan. Karen Black does a fairly good performance as the wacky mother. The ending to this film is one of the most brilliant endings I have seen in my lifetime. No other ending like it. The film is not really scary, thought I am sure some may find it scary. I like the look of the mirror, also. Special effects are pretty good for the low budget.Film is hard to find to rent, best bet is either to buy the MIRROR, MIRROR COLLECTION (worth the 20 bucks just for the first 2 films, 3 and are crap) or to go to a Ma and Pa Video Store. Recommended for horror fans everywhere! 8/10

6 / 10

Fair horror film, capably acted

"Mirror, Mirror" is at its best in the first half, with its simple but effective depiction of school life. In the second half, a few of the death scenes leave something to be desired, but others (bathtub drowning) are good. Karen Black and Yvonne De Carlo may be the draws in the cast, but it's their younger co-stars that do almost all the hard work: Rainbow Harvest makes a believable transformation from a "Winona Ryder in Bettlejuice" - wannabe to a wicked villainess, Kristin Dattilo is also convincing as one of the sweetest persons you'll ever meet, and Charlie Spradling plays the spoiled b*tch to perfection (and is downright GORGEOUS to boot). The movie does seem to go on a bit too long, but stick with it because the ending is the cleverest part. (**1/2)

7 / 10

Karen Black Steals The Show As Usual

Pretty funny little horror movie...better than one might expect. Karen steals it in a variety of different wigs as the wacky mother of Rainbow Harvest who's the new girl in school, tormented by her classmates because she dresses "punk". Kind of a cross between "Carrie" and "Heathers".

6 / 10

a charming B-horror movie

An 80s goth girl (Rainbow Harvest) and her goofy single mom (Karen Black) move to a new suburban town. She gets picked on by her new classmates and generally despises life in typical 80s goth girl fashion. She discovers a mysterious mirror in her room left by the previous owners and finds that it gives her the power to get what she wants...ie, the death of those who mess with her! The tagline for this movie is something about being a cross between "Carrie" and "Heathers". Well, it is nowhere near either of those classics. It is, however, a surprisingly charming little B-movie! The actors' style is late 80s/early 90s in the worst possible way but it is totally endearing. There is some witty dialogue and some really sick and twisted scenes (including a fair amount of gore). Karen Black is totally over the top. It seems like Rainbow Harvest (?!) was only cast because she looks like Winona Rider circa "Beetlejuice"...a more charismatic lead would have helped this movie. It also would have been more satisfying if the lead character had some attitude beyond her clothing and were a bit more hardcore (a la Ginger Snaps) instead of being a wimpering loser. But for a B-movie this was pretty damn entertaining. Recommended to fans of 80s B-horror as well as estro-infused horror flicks. My Rating: 6.5/10