Mimi (2020)

Kriti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi,
Mimi is introduced by Bhanu to an American couple as a surrogate in exchange for Rs 2 million. She decides to have the baby even when they change their mind and tells her parent that Bhanu is the father.
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  • Samruoddhi Porey, Writer:
  • Laxman Utekar, Director:
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10 / 10


It is almost a complete attempt with a time worthy social msg and awareness regarding surrogacy... No doubt best ever performance by kriti Sanon so far and perfectly complemented by Pankaj sir... A well written and well executed story will surely make you travel through roller coaster of incidents full of COMMEDY and unforseen incidents and it will end surely making you emotional..My take 10/10 for a perfect decent movie of recent timesMUST WATCH.

10 / 10

Flawless Movie !!!

Just watched the movie, Can't express in words because stunning performance by Legend Pankaj Tripathi & Kriti senon. Story was brilliant. Lovely act by entire cast. Last a good msg to all.


10 / 10

'Mimi' is a well written, well made film which carries a heart.

'Mimi' is a well written, well made film which carries a heart.

10 / 10

Kriti Sanon is the future no.1 actress and Pankaj Tripathi is the King

Best movie of 2021. It has comedy, drama, emotional scenes and great dialogues. Kriti deserves all the awards for best actress this year. She has outdone herself and cemented herself as a worthy opponent to all the top actresses.

10 / 10

Musical entertainment

Watched *Mimi*A simple, beautiful, soulful and heart touching movie.

Loved every bit of it. The director Laxman Utekar, needs a huge credit to put all of this together.

It's not easy to not get overwhelmed by AR's music, and not let it affect the narrative.

And he has attained that, the music beautifully blended with the movie, and took the narrative to another level.

The climax scene, the one where Mimi gives birth and holds the baby for the first time, were accenuated by Rahman Sir's music.

A complete movie, with a mix of clean unforced comedy, and simple and believable emotions.

A perfect balance was stuck in all ground.

Kriti Sanon also has lived the role of Mimi. There was a lot of publicity for her 15kg or so weight gain and all. But her performance was much much beyond that.

A superlative performance, very effectivey supported by Pankaj Tripathi, Sai Tamhankar, Manoj Pahwa and Supriya Pathak.

This movie certainly needs another watch :)Weekend plans done :D

Now we can enjoy the music even more....