Michael (1996)

John Travolta, Andie MacDowell, William Hurt, Bob Hoskins,
Two tabloid reporters checking out a report of the Archangel Michael living with an old woman find that it's true. But that's not the only surprise.
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  • Peter Dexter, Jim Quinlan, Delia Ephron, Writer:
  • Nora Ephron, Director:
  • Sean Daniel, James Jacks, Producer:


8/10 / 10

1996's MICHAEL is warm and winning comedy-fantasy that features one ofmy favorite performances from the John Travolta library. Travolta givesone of his breeziest and most likable performances as Michael, anarchangel whose quiet existence at the home of a lonely innkeeper namedPansy (Jean Stapleton) is disrupted when Pansy reports Michael'spresence in her home to a "National Enquirer"-like newspaper and theeditor (Bob Hoskins) sends reporters (William Hurt, Andie McDowell,Robert Pastorelli) to the motel to check it out. Hurt, McDowell, andPastorelli are quite good as the jaded news staffers who have a hardtime accepting they've met an angel but this is Travolta's show and herules as the pot-bellied, sugar-eating, cookie-smelling, pie-loving,Aretha-loving, bull-chasing Michael, an angel who just isn't what youthink you of when you think of angels. And you have to love the scenein the bar when he and the ladies dance to "Chain of Fools". I lovethis movie more and more every time I watch it and it's mainly becauseof the completely winning performance from John Travolta.

7/10 / 10

Angels are a bit of an American obsession, but are often rather boring.They are the messengers of God, and also the arc angels are greatwarriors (Lucifer being the toughest and best looking until he waskicked out of heaven).

So what happens if you don't believe in anything, let alone angels andyou are sent to investigate an angel story, only to meet one with wingsand less than angelic attitude.

Maybe that is what America needs, being a puritan is different frombeing good. Michael is a rude, obnoxious, womanizing messenger ofheaven who will fulfill your wishes, and make you care enough about theworld that you will be touched.

Funny, but not greatly so, touching but not overly sentimental,intelligent without being clever...it is just a good simple, smallcomedy. Watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

8/10 / 10

Possibly the best John Travolta role ever. Saturday Night Fever was agreat movie & role, but a LONG time ago. I can't think of many of hismovies or roles I've even liked, and it's easy to think of rotten ones.He can do meanies like in Pulp Fiction, but he makes the perfect funkyangel, and it's hard to imagine anyone doing a better (equally slobby)job with it. Plot summaries are available everywhere, but the plotisn't the point. Just go for the ride and enjoy the cleverness of thelittle funnies along the way. There is nothing to dislike about thismovie, unless one is searching for something profound. I wish therewere more movies like this. We need a break from deep or awesome orgrisly or complex or hysterical.

8/10 / 10

I really enjoyed this movie for what it is: A funny little film thatdoesn't take itself too seriously. Plot summaries are availableeverywhere so I won't go into details. Michael isn't about a complexplot anyway. It just builds on a great premise and takes the viewer ona wonderful road trip.

John Travolta's performance as a chain-smoking, lady-loving,bar-brawling, pie-eating angel is just perfect. And who doesn't loveSparky?

Watch this if you want to have a few laughs and a overall good time.Highly recommended.

10/10 / 10

John Travolta was excellent as "Michael" in the movie by the same name.I don't think a better portrayal could have been done. The movie wasfunny, yet touching. Michael is a very "human angel" (If their issuch). Andie MacDowell is superb in her role as a reporter, as she goesfrom disbelief to belief. Bill Hurt and Robert Pastorelli are great asfellow reporters, each bent on proving the hoax of the angel on earth.Each of the supporting cast is wonderful, especially the older woman (Ido not know her screen name), who plays Michael's mother! One of thecutest movies I have seen in years... I could watch this movie dozensof times!