Mi Mi Fang Ke (\N)

Wei-Ning Hsu, Aaron Kwok, Zifeng Zhang, Yihong Duan, Zishan Rong,
A story that follows a family of four leading harmonious and contented lives. When a mysterious visitor starts residing in their basement, their lives are turned upside down as strange events begin to occur.
  • 5.4 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2019-04-04 Added:
  • Qiao Shu, Writer:
  • Leste Chen, Director:
  • Producer:


8 / 10

Underrated movie

I really like the concept of the movie and am surprised it turns out to be a low rating film. I believe it deserves more than this!

The visual art and shooting skills are decent. Soon after the opening, the director quickly creates the necessary drama element with a series of suspense. All these quickly brings me a strong curiosity and desire to watch till the end. The strange family with this so-called "fugitive prisoner" look cool in the setting at least I haven't seen this combination to make a thriller.

5 / 10

China's version of Parasite?

Anyone else notice similarities vs Parasite? The lighting, the house, basement and take on social inequality.

6 / 10

A movie that takes itself too seriously

You know a movie that has an eerie soundtrack played almost the entire screen time to give certain vibe, but in the end it's just felt flat?! This was that kind of movie. Actually the premise of this movie was quite promosing but poorly executed. I think it maybe would have a different result with a different director, that knows how to present a mystery movie without trying to force it too much.

Home Sweet Home followed a house of four family members, each with their secrets. Another member of the family was a fugitive who lived in the basement of the house under the protection of the head of the family. The stories unfolded layer by layer, overlapped each others, so pay really close attention to the last 20 minutes, in order to avoid confusion. The final verdict of this movie is at the hand of the audience, whether they think the protagonist did the right thing or not.