Meet Cute (2022)

Kaley Cuoco, Pete Davidson, Deborah S. Craig, Sierra Fisk,
What would you do if you could travel to your loved ones' past, heal their traumas, fix their problems, and change them into the perfect partner?
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  • Noga Pnueli, Writer:
  • Alex Lehmann, Director:
  • Akiva Goldsman, Santosh Govindaraju, Gregory Lessans, Dan Reardon, Producer:


8 / 10

A Wonderful Surprise That Will Shock Most


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Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, RomanceYear Released: 2022Runtime: 1h 29mDirector(s): Alex LehmannWriter(s): Noga PnueliCast: Kaley Cuoco, Pete Davidson, Deborah S. Craig, Sierra FiskWhere To Watch: Releases exclusively on Peacock on September 21st

I'm a big fan of Kaley Cuoco (THE BIG BANG THEORY, THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT) and, to my surprise, have been impressed with Pete Davidson (THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND, BODIES BODIES BODIES) far more than I had ever thought. So when I saw they would be in a romantic comedy, I jumped on the opportunity to screen it.

To my surprise, this was nothing like what I was expecting! It started pretty straightforward but quickly took an interesting twist that I wasn't expecting! This is thanks partly to not reading anything about the film ahead of time and just going in based on the cast. I suggest not reading anything about the movie if you plan to watch it. Without giving anything away, this is the second film I've seen this year that uses the same unconventional device to set up the entire plot. Although it isn't unheard of, there was a film (and even a sequel almost a decade ago that used something in a similar style.) Yes, I'm being vague intentionally to let you enjoy the surprise!

Cuoco gave a fantastic performance here that was in stark contrast to her BIG BANG THEORY character. I haven't seen her in much outside of that, so this was a fun watch, just in part because of that. I do have to mention that the movie deals with some heavier topics than I had initially assumed. That adds a lot of depth to it, but there could be a minor trigger warning for some. My only real knock on the film was how things were wrapped up in the end; I was hoping for a more significant twist; instead, it was pretty straightforward.

I honestly would've liked to have seen a little more of a deep dive into the film; with an hour and a half runtime, they glossed over the same aspect repeatedly; I think there was a lot of potential left on the table. However, it was still an interesting, unique, and enjoyable film.

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5 / 10

An amusing but mostly unfunny Groundhog day retelling

Another Groundhog day/ Palm Springs retelling. This time with Cuoco (quite good) and Davidson (quite likeable) trying to put each other 'right' throughout a first date in one night.

The problem is, it's not funny. At all. I mean, seriously not funny. I didn't laugh once. That's not to say it was bad. It wasn't. It was quite amusing, interesting, intriguing perhaps. But not funny. Not one laugh.

Not sure who would be the audience for this. Kim Kardashian. Losers. People who hadn't seen the aforementioned, far superior, 2 movies?

In the end Meet Cute is like a film version of elevator music. Fairly inoffensive and entirely forgettable.

9 / 10

Not Bad

I honestly just started watching this movie without expecting much but it was much better than I expected. First of all, THE ACTING both of them made their roles so so believable and I loved the first 10 minutes of the film because you could feel the chemistry and energy as they were bouncing off of each other's conversations. The storyline wasn't bad too, it wasn't very deep but it surely wasn't light as well. This is definitely a movie that I will think about from time to time. Also, it's a fairly short movie so I recommend you watch it if you like romantic comedy films.

10 / 10


It was a beautiful story about hope and the struggle of just being. I didn't know what to expect but I was definitely intrigued throughout the entire film. The chemistry was absolutely there between the two actors, their performance was realistic. The concept and the twist in the story was enlightening. It had its sad moments and funny moments. The tolerance and love both character had to face was inspirational. It teaches us struggles are real and they are possible to overcome. This is definitely not a shallow film and deals with real emotions. I enjoyed it and I believe it is worth watching.

6 / 10

Meet Over and Over and Over Not too Cute

This is advertised as a rom-com. It is not funny and is just barely romantic. It is desperate and sad. Sheila, the romantic lead character, is not having the best day of her life as she claims when she first steps into the nail salon. Kaley Cuoco is a talented and engaging performer who does add dimension to her character but even she can not save this film. The only revelation is Pete Davidson. The man can act and act quite well, and he proves it in this should-have-been-better movie. I want to see him in every project he does in the future. Upside is, Kaley looks good in orange and white gingham, but not so much in a mustache. Watch it for those two. They did their best.