Maysville (2019)

Holden Goyette, Forrest Campbell,
A young boy, Teddy Rogers is devastated by a tragic accident and taken from his family to pay a penance which forces him into a life of hard labor. Four years later, he escapes to the town of Maysville where he finds love and a hopef
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9 / 10

Very Enjoyable - One of THE best indie films on the streaming platforms!

This is simply a very well-done, heartfelt film. The performances are stellar; and the film was clearly guided by a passionate, dedicated production team. There is a lot of love that makes it onscreen, in well composed shots that exemplify the clear story-telling vision of writer/director Leslie Goyette. I need to mention one performance that stands out, even among multiple great performances, that of young Willie, played by Forrest Campbell. As a lover of independent films, I must say Maysville is a genuine stand-out. Spend a couple of hours in Maysville. You'll be glad you did. On another note, please dismiss as total nonsense the one-star ratings you might see here on IMDb. They are NOT indicative of the high quality of this thoroughly enjoyable film.

9 / 10

Amazing movie?

Great film. In a small way it reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. Intense story and wonderful acting. Production was very clean and well done. I highly recommend this movie.