Marvin Hamlisch: What He Did for Love (2013)

Composer, conductor, genius, mensch, Marvin Hamlisch was as close to a modern day Da Vinci as it gets. Hit after hit...'The Way We Were', 'Nobody Does It Better', 'The Sting', 'Chorus Line', Marvin was irrepressible and prolific. ...
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10 / 10

Words can not explain!

I love Marvin Hamlisch's music so very much. There's nothing in this documentary that is new to me. But everything about it made me miss broadway.

Oh how long it's been!

How did I not catch this when it first came out?

Just a happy documentary that makes you feel good.

6 / 10

The man behind the hit songs

Who is the man behind all those hits? This PBS documentary tells the tale via interviews from a wide swath of actors, coworkers and even the wife of Marvin Hamlisch. You also get the history of Marvin, from his parents to his time at Julliard. I for one greatly enjoyed all the trivial tidbits of information shared. At the end you'll know Marvin a whole lot better.

1 / 10

Totally Ruined by Allen

This uninspired, lackluster effort features alleged pedophile Woody Allen waxing poetic over Marvin Hamlisch. Allen is the Kiss of Death to this project. He was included because the filmmakers thought he'd bring bank; however, Allen is a pariah and his presence has the opposite effect.

Allen is a vile, toxic creature and ALL his projects should be boycotted. I hope the executives at PBS never work with this group of "alleged sex crimes against children are okay by us" money-grubbing hacks again.