Markie in Milwaukee (2018)

Assembled from over 10 years of footage, Markie in Milwaukee tells the story of a midwestern transgender woman as she struggles with the prospect of de-transitioning under the pressures of her fundamentalist church, family and com...
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6 / 10

More Was Needed

As he vacillated between gender change identities it became apparent to me that we needed to spend more film time & insight from professional evaluations (and help) while investigating his mental health.

The film's secondary subplot and also a worthwhile investigation, ironically, is the mental health of participants using Bible (mis)interpretations (Note: The original verbal & then textual forms have been altered over the centuries, most notably in translation loss.), from mostly southern conservative religions as they judge Mark/Markie & what he/she represents. Notable dialogue: If you don't know that Jesus Christ is your savior, you're bound for Hell, Hellfire forever. Scripture says you're born as a man or as a woman. Best thing you can do for your family is be an obedient Christian.

10 / 10

Not tied up in a box & put on a shelf

Markie said something to that effect in describing her life & the decisions she's come to make. I think this film captures her sentiment beautifully and respectfully.

The filmmakers portrayed Markie's story as objectively as I think could be possible, giving equal time to voices on either side of her choices.

It is not so easy to be objective with some of these choices. That is partially because Markie is who she is, but also because the filmmakers successfully told her story such that we feel we know her.

We want so much for her to be who she is without worrying about the judgment of others. Bravo to the filmmakers for not caving and offering more judgment.

None of us have walked in Markie's shoes. And some shoes don't tie or even fit on a shelf.

I sincerely hope all the negative reviewers experience a little self awareness in their lust for little tied up boxes. Humans are seldom such.