March Comes in Like a Lion (1991)

Bang-ho Cho, Kiyomi Itô, Kôen Okumura, Yoshiko Yura,
Set in Tokyo, Ice brings her amnesiac older brother Haruo home from the hospital to care for him. He is reluctant to go, until Ice tells him that she is his lover. Since he has no memory of his sister Ice, he obliges her. How long...
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  • Hiroshi Miyazaki, Sachio Ono, Writer:
  • Hitoshi Yazaki, Director:
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6 / 10

Very unique and bizarre treatment from Japan

Hypnotic arthouse cinema very similar type to shinji aoyama movies (Eureka etc.) that i cant find it anywhere until i randomly found some online dvd store that has the japanese copy with Thai subtitle

The movie itself has a slow pace and painfully boring I would personally recommend for cult film enthusiast only!