Man in Camo (2017)

Man in Camo is a movie starring Tiago Abrantes, Syd Butler, and Laura Flook. Man in Camo takes a close look at the life of visual artist, writer and filmmaker Ethan Minsker and his drive to create and crusade the making of art....
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10 / 10

And you think you know a guy...

We all know our friends for who and what they are, but never really get the whole story. We share things about ourselves but sometimes forget little details. It's not that we mean to, it just happens. To see a film with someone who is so enveloped in their medium, it was hard to miss out on anything happening in Ethan's life. This film is honest, poignant, and highly entertaining. The style is unique, and whether you know the director personally, or simply being entertained by this film, you reflect on the stories in your own life. You don't have to make it to the top to have some one else write out inaccuracies in your autobiography, you can be just as extraordinary and share some truths with a dash of cinema magic. Can anyone pull it off the same way he did? Probably not, but cheers to Mr. Minsker for paving the way and making his mark in film.

9 / 10

Meeting Ethan

To experience Ethan Minkser's film "Man In Camo" is to share in an explosion of personal artistic explorations recorded and manipulated by him through decades. By traveling with his documentary, he enhances the experience by vising with the people who watch the film; it is personal, and he has a vibrant Q&A after his show. Ethan got people here in Bay City at #HHM13 worked up when they saw the film, and the audience had a great time conversing with him. I am wondering what he will do with the footage he recorded while here.

7 / 10

There's a lot going on

I was lucky enough to see Man In Camo at The Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival in Bay City, Michigan. Honestly, when I first saw the trailer I didn't really have any interest in seeing it. It looked pretty self-indulgent...which it's also endlessly fascinating, There is so much going on visually that it's hard to focus at times but it all comes together and is a beautiful insight into Minkser's life and growth as an artist. I met Ethan during the festival and he's a fascinating guy and I think "Camo" is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything he's done and will do. Well worth seeing.

10 / 10

A unique journey

I loved the DIY ethos in this film. A unique, deepy personal film. Filming started when Ethan was in the womb, up to the present day. I especially responded to the punk rock scene in DC in the late 80s. Hilarious and honest examination an angry young rebel transforming into an adult family man rebel.

10 / 10

Fascinating, inspirational and entertaining!

I've seen some of Ethan's publications, art shows and film snippets over the last couple decades and was kind of intrigued, but didn't always completely get what he was going for. Now I get it. This film takes you on Ethan's life journey but also puts all of his crazy art ideas into a context that actually makes sense and is truly inspirational. His mixture of personal aggressive art making and visionary world art promotion is really cool. And the film is extremely fun to watch and I left inspired. Highly recommend!