Machine Gun Kelly's Life in Pink (2022)

Pain, passion, and love, get a look into the mind of Machine Gun Kelly.
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9 / 10

He is the new rockstar

Before hating on mgk watch this documentary it explains his life to the extreme with his highs and lows and when I talk about lows I mean lows like really low he tackles his drug addiction, his family , his music , his mistakes, his really tough life . Life in pink is a great way to say f you to the haters and a good way to say I have Made it . It's extremely emotional and brilliantly crafted he is a great man , father , husband , and musician.

9 / 10

This movie had Documentary elements we all were missing

This movie felt like it connected to the artist rather than the label controlling everything. Machine gun Kelly and his relations with megan fox and his daughter, his father, his daughter and friends. It was an honest ride and everyone should watch before hating on the artist for the decisions he made in the past.

10 / 10

Well Done MGK

This documentary was long awaited and much needed. It not only showcases the highs of Machine Gun Kelly's career but the plenty lows going on behind the scenes in the life of a rock star. 10/10.

7 / 10

Well Made. Who's His Stylist?

I don't know MGK personally but after watching this, I feel like I know him and can relate. I hope he truly is a genuinely nice guy as being portrayed in this film. A hard worker perfectionist who's also very talented. Earned my respect. Wish him continued success. And I dig his style.

10 / 10

Respect the honesty.

Very well made documentary. I respect his honesty and his drive to be better. There are great lessons to be leaned in this story and hopefully even the haters can get something out of this.