Lust Life (\N)

Bill Irwin, Jake Choi, Jeanna Han, Alexis Rhee,
A star-crossed love story set in the world of polyamory and sex parties in New York City.
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  • Benjamin Feuer, Stephanie Sellars, Director:
  • Alena Svyatova, Producer:

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7 / 10


Humans always try to discover the meaning of life through power sex and is never easy most of the time it ends up in failure I think it has to do with we progress we try and sometimes manage to be at an equilibrium with all three of them....when we are young we cannot understand them and we constrantly fall into contradictions I was in love 1st time at 16 so much that I was not able to perform so I retrieved in sorrow but from then on I became very tough and never got any real feelings for any of my partners hurting a lot of peoiple on the way ........half a century later and hjaving gone through all aspects of life family children grandchildren succesfull job and a nice standard of life I still find myself wandering if I could have done better...I know that when young and full of energy you cannot stay idle but the truth is that if you do stop and try to discover you real self you can then proceed with a better chance in hapiness and that is what this film is about I really enjoyed it.

10 / 10

Long overdue depiction of open sexuality from a woman's perspective

As somebody who moves through the same world of polyamory as Veronica, the protagonist, I can confirm that this film about nails what it's like. Sure, on the surface, polyamory sounds ideal, but it isn't for everybody, and the film deals frankly with that fact.

Very good acting from the whole cast, and some of Veronica's most effective scenes are when she isn't speaking..a sidelong glance, a glare etc. It's showing instead of telling in cinematic form and it works.

Well done!