Lucy, the Human Chimp (2021)

Lorna Nickson Brown, Matthew Brenher, Jacinta Mulcahy,
Lucy, the Human Chimp is a TV movie starring Lorna Nickson Brown, Matthew Brenher, and Jacinta Mulcahy. In the 1960s chimpanzee Lucy was raised as a human in an experiment conducted by psychologists from the University of Oklahoma....
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8 / 10

Why we shouldn't experiment like this

I didn't really want to watch this as you'll know that it's always going to be upsetting and very emotional. It managed that in chunks .

Why anyone ever thought it would be a good idea turning a chimp human is beyond cruel in reality.

This programme was made in a similar way as C4 and it prisoners abroad series with reconstructions and narrative and the real person talking .

It was a heartbreaking watch and you do hope in the end that Lucy did manage to find a life that she was meant to have , if only briefly.

If anything good does come from it must be that Janis found her place in the world caring for more chimps in Ghana and still does

If you don't want to have tears and a lump in your throat thinking about this for a long time then don't watch.

9 / 10

Janis, the Simian Human

There are many stories about "human" chimps; chimpanzees raised as humans, who fit in well with their adopted families until they reach maturity, whereupon they become tragic creatures, unable to live as either man or animal. This film is in fact more interesting than its title suggests; as what it really does is tell the story of the attempt to re-animalise its nominal protagonist, and of Janis, the woman who set herself the task of reintroducing her into the wild. As such, it's more a story of a simian human, who ultimately was driven from the chimpanzee community in the same way any chimp who loses a dominance struggle might be ejected. This person, however, who provides most of the narrative to the story, is not only still alive, but also intelligent and clear sighted; and has in fact devoted the rest of her life to rehabilitating chimpanzees, albeit with less intimate involvement than she had with her first patient. It's an absorbing story, illuminating by Janis's innate decency and her insight into what makes us human, and what we share with our closest living relatives.

7 / 10

Worth watching.

A device that in many documentaries is either stiff or profoundly unreal but under Alex Parkinson's direction -- and with Lorna Nickson Brown in the role of Janis Carter -- rings true. The story is really about the companionship between a Human And a Chimp. James Welch Henderson Arkansas 5/4/21.