Lovers (2019)

Björn von der Wellen, Magdalena Steinlein,
After breaking up a young couple decides to spend another 24 hours together to say goodbye in dignity. Easier said than done though.
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10 / 10

I cried before I even watched the movie

By reading the plot summary only, I was moved deeply already. Most of us have been there many times or at least once: we end a loving relationship because of some nerve wracking external circumstances or because the lovers can't find a way out of a mix of hurt feelings, unmet expectations and/or not being brave enough to stand tall for what's right for themselves - and therefore we sometimes chose the obvious: we let love go. I was expecting a conscious uncoupling experiment - and it went beyond. After every ending there is a new beginning.I like the camera work, the stills and the superb cast. Eventhough the viewers never really got to see the couple when they still were a couple, or only a glimpse in the interviews - it feels like they were never truly authentic through all this years. Each of them tried to be someone they never were, as if they lived only on the surface. Trying to be cool and brave and artsy to be recognized by the vis-a-vis. In my understanding, they deeply reveal who they really were - the raw selves - in the very last moment of the movie. And that was poignant.

7 / 10

I laughed before I even watched the movie!

Normally I'd come here hoping to find useful insight into the quality of a movie before I decide to watch it, but in this instance I was entirely distracted by corneliamathis's review. So much in fact that I didn't come back until half an hour later, once my sides had stopped hurting, to continue my investigation into whether this movie is worth watching.

So, getting back to the matter at hand... The movie itself seems a little pointless; it's an attempt at romanticising "break-up sex," an attempt to portray it as something more than it actually is. Why is it that the "arty" types can't be satisfied with the fact that some things just are?

If you're a "dweller/klinger," particularly if you're the dumpee (as opposed to the dumper), you might find this movie useful in helping you come to grips with the fact that you've only lost that which you didn't need in the first place. If you're looking for something to keep your attention for a little over an hour, you might want to skip it. It's not a bad movie; it's just that there's not much there to keep your brain ticking over.