Love Steaks (2013)

Lana Cooper, Franz Rogowski, Kerstin Abendroth, Daniel Alznauer,
Love Steaks is a movie starring Lana Cooper, Franz Rogowski, and Kerstin Abendroth. Luxury hotel. Luxury clientele. Irritable staff. A couple who might fall in love, or they might leave their relationship in its raw state - like the...
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  • Ines Schiller, Timon Schäppi, Nico Woche, Writer:
  • Jakob Lass, Director:
  • Golo Schultz, Producer:
9 / 10

Cool German Indie movie

Very nice indie movie with two great leads - featuring the German Joaquin Phoenix ;) - and a cool plot. Cinema in your face. A Boy-meets-Girl-Story in the surrounding of a luxury resort at the Baltic Sea. She has problems with alcohol, he is very shy and reluctant. They meet in the hotel and help each other to overcome their respective shortcomings. I liked the characters and especially the editing. It gives the movie a special look and makes it fun to watch. Lots of apparently unscripted dialogue, fresh and authentic acting. Great music too, German Indie mixed with international stuff. Looks like we are getting - slowly but surely - a veritable scene of young German filmmakers, actors and producers who are able to deliver high-quality work. Recommended for lovers of the German Independent film, such as Axel Ranisch, Tom Lass, Nico Sommer...

7 / 10 don't always know why, but time and again you are drawn back in..

It is a very strange dance these two fine young actors do.. you never know quite where it is going.. and you find it hard to take your eyes off them. The audience for such a film will be very small, it is as far from any mainstream film as one can find. But with many such films they can drift off into unwatchable territory, and although this production time and again flirts with going over the edge, each time it returns to keep us involved. And when it's all over, you're not entirely sure what you have witnessed, but feel as though it was worth your time spent.

5 / 10

Workplace love

How much realness do you need? Seems some festivals deemed this had more than enough. And to be clear the central performances of the two lead actors is amazing - especially the female one in this. The male part is played by someone well known for his quirkiness - at least in roles. If he's completely different in real life, than kudos to him.

The movie overall has won a lot of prizes as imdb is stating, which is a little bit surprising ... at least to me. Can't be the script really, considering this plays a lot like an improvised experiment with some pillars set to give actors orientation. Feels like they're doing most, if not all of the work in that department. Which comes through in things being repeated and work place being ... well let's just say far removed from German efficiency ... or what people would imagine that to be. A lot of silliness going around and a strange love connection occurs ... an unlikely one some may say, but opposites attract so I would argue the opposite ... no pun intended.

If you are into German independent movies that are ... weird to say the least, this may be quite the experience for you. Everyone else be wary of what you let yourself into. This is not an easy watch. Some sensuality and sexuality included (with a bit of nudity)

6 / 10

The Sun So Hot, I Froze to Death

This should have been an easy movie to like: coworkers discover romance while fighting their personal demons. And it feels weird and wrong to cry, "Too much realism!" But that was the problem, for me. Sous-chef Lara is a likeable person, when she isn't drinking. When she drinks, I'm reminded why I avoid alcoholics and other addicts like the plague - they're just unbearable to be around... and to watch. The acting was so good I couldn't stand it, on a par with Ben Gazzara in "Tales of Ordinary Madness" (Italy/France, 1981). And it doesn't help that she works with a bunch of only nominally adult jackasses in a kitchen where the noise never ceases.

Masseur Clemens is portrayed annoyingly well, too. When his #HimToo moment occurs, he reacts with neither extreme of "hot diggety" nor "get the hell out until you can behave". Instead, he dithers, uncertain and insecure. And he continues to dither through much of the movie, although who can blame him when the object of his affection is a boozehound? The resulting plot is just a little too real-time, like a novel that hasn't had its first edit.

It's difficult to enjoy a romance movie when you don't feel much affinity or affection for the characters. Building that affinity would require prologue, I think. It's not a bad film, but it could be better.

3 / 10

Should I Call this as Romance??

The boredom story of two people, Women is alcoholic and Men is Looser. Till the ending they never gave resolution about their problems other than Finally fighting like Psychos and Kissing.

Do not waste your time....