Love All You Have Left (2017)

Caroline Amiguet, Sara Wolfkind, Michael Christopher Shantz, Mike Burnell,
After her daughter is killed in a school shooting, Juliette discovers a girl in her attic who claims to be Anne Frank.
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  • Anne Frank, Writer:
  • Matt Sivertson, Director:
  • Kimberly Wall, Producer:

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8 / 10

A truly poignant and topical film.

This indie film is really compelling and heart wrenching. The script is fantastic and the directing is great, especially for a first timer! A truly poignant and topical film.

7 / 10

Complete Garbage, if garbage was sterile and uninteresting

I don't believe I've ever given a 1 star rating out of maybe watching 4-5 films a week for years. There is not a single area to compliment on this film and every single aspect of it is pure poo-poo.

There is so much to criticize i will mention only one topic about this video. The canned music, or so I thought, was the only thing that kept me from walking out during this viewing. I wanted to see where the Mr. Sivertson got the canned music for the soundtrack as it was so awful. The credits showed it to be an original score by .... ta-daa, the Director, Matt Sivertson, who also wrote and .... um, composed this piece of garbage. I would be so ashamed and embarrassed to attach my name to this let alone claim credit for total control of it.

The only joy of this wasted hour and a half came after the movie ended, and myself and the other 2 people in the theater walked out with jaws dropped. I approached them to see what they thought and we didn't even know where to start in complaining about how bad it was. We all got a good laugh eventually and one of the guys said he just moved out to Hollywood to act and this movie really motivated him. He said if actors with talent this bad could find work then he was sure to do quite well.

I do want to find out the back story of this flick. It had a 7.6 or 7.7 when i first gave it a 2 out of 8 stars. I saw the next day, after my rating that it climbed to 7.8 which really got under my skin so i had second thoughts and went back to rate it a 1... again, my first 1 star i think...... So, i really want to find out if the paychecks of the crew were withheld unless they all gave it great ratings? Was this movie made just to appease some relative of Sivertson's simply so he could get funding for a real project. Was this an inside joke amongst friends to see how bad a movie could be and still get people to watch in the age of "MoviePass'? I mean, all three of us watching this only went because there was nothing else to see, we all had already cycled through every other possible movie available that week.

Oh, and PLEASE don't think this is a movie so bad it's funny, like The Room or Battlefield Earth. it's not even comical in a sad way, it's just SAD people would waste their time making or watching this..... hmm, this movie had to be a tax right off or something... i really wanna know!

1 / 10

FAKE Ratings


Totally unrealistic script and HORRIBLE ACTING by Caroline AMIGUET. I had to put subtitles on because she mumbled most of her lines.Then I discovered that she's married to the director- her cringe worthy performance was spun from nepotism.

Nothing seemed real. For starters, if you were to find a child hiding in your attic, wouldn't you want to investigate who she is and where she came from?The ridiculously unbelievable script was an insult to all of us.

I noticed it received a San Diego Film award- it must have been more nepotism or this particular award had no other entries.

Don't waste your time on this awful movie.

9 / 10

mesmerizing and heartbreaking

I was really taken aback with this one. I love David Lynch and this film has elements similar to his films. Mostly the supernatural, 'other-worldly' nature of that kind of film. The lead's performance was incredibly strong and I commend her for handling such a challenging role with grace and honesty. The score is worth noting and I felt mostly that this small indie completely tackled an incredibly difficult subject with originality, suspense and good writing. Without spoiling it, I'll just say, I was riveted and the ending does not disappoint! Highly recommend!

7 / 10


This Film is very well written and shot. The actors are touching and sincere.We came out of watching this film very moved because of its realism. BRAVO!