Lost Inside (2022)

Spencer Scruggs, Serra Naiman, Garret Ryan, Caitlin Alana Burke, Claire Clancy, Sarina Krastev, Shane Barnett,
An agoraphobic and washed up rock star is confronted by a nosy new neighbor and an imaginary nuisance pressuring him to leave his house and rejoin a life he both fears and has forsaken.
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  • Jeff Hindenach, Director:
  • Pratiksha Shah, Producer:

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8 / 10

Mental Health Issues raised in an effective way

A lot of awareness regarding mental health issues has been raised recently, thanks to the internet. I was not aware of this movie, nor anyone suggested me. Being someone who is currently going through kind of something like the lead character in the movie, it hit me hard. I teared up at places since I have so much to relate to this story. I loved Jordan. I know it sounds weird but I also have these imaginary/self-created people around me who would often push me to do things. I will not spoil much of the story but if you are someone who is going through some tough issues, watch this movie. It's a challenging subject, but the writer/director tried to convey the message in a light, fun, and impactful way. Although at times it does feel like the acting could have been better, and you kind of feel like a youtube-movie kind of vibe, but it's still worth it. In the end it gave me hope and made me think about my personal issues a little. Watch it for the story and thought-provoking message. I wish there were more movies about male mental health, like this. The writer not only considered the main phobia of the main character but also the grief, social anxiety, depression, and confusion that it all caused inside his head. I loved it.