Lost in Yonkers (1993)

Richard Dreyfuss, Mercedes Ruehl, Irene Worth, Brad Stoll,
Lost in Yonkers is a movie starring Richard Dreyfuss, Mercedes Ruehl, and Irene Worth. In the summer of 1942, two young boys are sent to stay with their stern grandmother and their childlike aunt in Yonkers, New York.
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  • Neil Simon, Writer:
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10 / 10

Most Underrated Film of All-Time

After a triumphant run on Broadway, the film adaptation of "Lost In Yonkers" was completely snubbed at all of the major film awards ceremonies. Neil Simon's classic is brilliantly written and the direction is so simple, yet very subtle. But what really makes the film work is the performances. Dreyfuss is no Kevin Spacey, but does what he can with the role. The two boys are played expertly by their respective actors. Irene Worth reprises her Tony-award winning role and I thank god for that. She is spectacular as the stern grandmother.

But the stand-out here is Mercedes Ruehl. The woman delivers one of the most underrated performances in film history as Aunt Bella. She won a Tony, why no Oscar? Seriously, she is *that* good. Ruehl delivers such a magnificent performance as the slightly disturbed woman. She really should have two Oscars on her mantle.


10 / 10

Touching, Poignant, Funny, and Well Executed

After watching this movie, I became interested in finding out about the young actor Brad Stoll who played the role of Jay. How sadenned I was to learn that he died of cancer. His talent was very promising, and it is tragic that his career was cut short at such a young age. Nonetheless, this film serves as a testimony to his fine ability, and I never tire of watching it. The performances are excellent across the board, and the story well written. I give it my highest recommendation.

7 / 10

Bad "Mom " - Good Movie

"Lost In Yonkers" was a nice blend of comedy and drama. Until watching it for the second time, I didn't even recognize Richard Dreyfuss to be the 'Uncle Louie' character, but I did know him by his voice. He played QUITE a character: An extremely stylish, offbeat criminal with a sense of humor.

The main character, 'Bella', was 'slow', according to her domineering mother. She was a delightful young woman who was loved by her nephews, siblings, and all those who knew her. Bella was ready to have a life on her own--the problem being--her Mom.

I really enjoyed this nostalgic, WWII era, movie. I recommend it to audiences of all ages.

9 / 10

Touching and thoughtful

Memorable, well thought-out characters interact in this family disrupted by WWII. Set (of course) in Yonkers, a domineering grandmother inhibits aspirations of her offspring with selfish, puritanical behavior deriving from her own, difficult upbringing.

10 / 10

The best movie of the year!

Neil Simon finally does some serious drama in this better than best movie. Although the movie is based mainly around the two boys, I believe the moral is how one individuals power can affect the lives and dreams of everyone else.

Although the movies ending was not a very happy one, it was nice to take a break from the routine "and they lived happily ever after" sort of ending. It's nice to have a not so nice ending in which most real life stories have.

The movie was very well planned out and the 1940's theme was very well detailed. Although the movie was nowhere near as good as the play, I still believe it's cast deserves a high rating.