London (2005)

Jessica Biel, Chris Evans, Jason Statham, Joy Bryant,
London is a drug laden adventure that centers on a party in a New York loft where a young man is trying to win back his ex-girlfriend.
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  • Hunter Richards, Director:
  • Paul Davis-Miller, Ash R. Shah, Bonnie Timmermann, Producer:


8/10 / 10

Hunter Richards' film about a young man(evans) who is desperate to winback his beautiful ex-girlfriend, London (Biel). The film isn't deep,but i found it extremely effective in showing a simple story. Theperformances were real, even Biel was good here as was Evans andStatham who truly stole the show. I liked the screenplay a lot and thedirection suited the film as well. I liked the cinematography from JoWillems and the music by The Crystal Method. The film is a great 2million dollar film, low budget, high quality, they should make morefilms like this.--- very good film from hunter richardsIMDb Rating:6.0, my rating: 9/10

7/10 / 10

As the synopsis shows London is a drug laden adventure which centres ina New York Loft where a young man is trying to win back his first i thought. 'another cheesy movie'. i don't know what made mewatch it but when i was finished i was absolutely GOBSMACKED!. 'London'is such an original and most importantly a very simple movie which isdirected to its utmost perfection. Bateman (Jason Statham) isabsolutely flawless in this movie as is Syd (Chris Evans). You begin tounderstand their characters straight away as both actors bring them tolife wonderfully... i don't want to spoil the rest for you so illfinish on this note.. 'its a must see' ......

7/10 / 10

I was always a fan of Jason for his roles in Guy Ritchie's flicks andhis roles in the transporter series (one not two). But when i watchedthis film i was in complete awe after i witnessed his performance inthis film,it was so real and charismatic it was spectacular. watchingthe beginning of the film i found it entertaining and creative andstylish but it was a specific scene that completely sold me. It was ascene with Jason Statham and Chris Evans as the two are in a bathroom(which they are in for quite some time) and the movie is an hour and tenminutes in when Jason Staham compares his pain with ChrisEvans,Statham's acting in that scene will forever change the way i seeJason Statham from now on. The film was directed with style and beauty.Many scenes in this film is the opposite of beauty but the way they areput on camera is done so beautifully. In conclusion I urge people tosee this film even if the story does not sound appealing please watchit for Jason Statham's magnificent role in the film. Although Jason wasnot the only great actor in the film, Chris Evans also played veryrealistically as well the whole cast overall, Also watch for Dane Cookas George or the guy that talks to London at the party.

9/10 / 10

I've been reading a lot of very negative reviews posted here about"London" in the past couple of hours. Most of the reviewers complainabout rich yuppie kids with no jobs snorting coke and bitching to theirtherapists. Yes, this is what goes on in the background for 2/3 of themovie.

However, even though bitchy, rich yuppies are not likable characters,the movie portrays them very accurately. Having spent some time with"these people", I felt the movie was incredibly honest and dealt withpertinent issues. Maybe not pertinent to you in particular, butpertinent to these types of people in this age group.

The acting is really superb. Chris Evans strips down his likable"flaming" side to become an annoying, ego-maniacal prick. Strathamgives a powerful performance, which for some reason screams of BruceWillis's "finer" work. Biel is the weakest of the main actors, mostlydue to the script edging her out of most of the movie. All the actorsare right on the money with their characters. Within 10 minutes youstart to feel like you've known them for years.

But beyond the drugs, beyond the obnoxious mannerisms, lies a story ofa real relationship. By way of flashbacks, but we are given some greatinsights into how the relationship worked, and how it fell apart. Thecharacters screwed it up, and its amazing watching Syd (Evans) re-liveboth his best and worst memories. That is the most essential andsuccessful part of the film.

9/10 / 10

What is wrong with me that I know people exactly like this?! This is aspot-on unflinching portrayal of the New York "downtown" peopleinvolved with cocaine, the decisions they make, the people theyinteract with, and the way they act and spend an average day. Honestand unapologetic, if still funny, and entertaining. It shows EXACTLYwhat people's lives and personalities become when on coke. Chris Evansplays Syd, the rarely likable but engrossing(so brilliantly,it scaresme-pay attention to the first scene, and in particular the bathroomscene)coked out, lovelorn, post adolescent, pining away for London (anuninspiring Jessica Biel)his recent ex. Jason Statham plays Bateman(who steals every scene he's in), the hilarious "part-time dealer" whogoes along for the ride, as Syd decides to crash a loft party in orderto win back his ex. Antics ensue, and the journey is satisfying, ifembarrassing or painful to watch at times. Great script, amazingsoundtrack, and dead-on stylistically. Worth a view