Little Giants (1994)

Rick Moranis, Ed O'Neill, Shawna Waldron, Devon Sawa,
Misfits form their own opposing team to an elite peewee football team, coached by the elite team coach's brother.
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  • James Ferguson, Robert Shallcross, Tommy Swerdlow, Michael Goldberg, Writer:
  • Duwayne Dunham, Director:
  • Arne Schmidt, Producer:


/ 10

Amazing. This is a good movie. It can be a little bit sappy, but it can meana lot. You can quite easily psycho-analyze it to death, but if you just sitdown, watch and enjoy, it's a good film. Becky/Icebox's conflict betweenbeing the two sides of herself, the tomboy and the girl is something a lotof girls have been through. And who wouldn't when the object of affection isDevon Sawa? There are decent performances all round, and it might not bedestined to be a classic, but it's not a bad movie. In fact, it's a verygood movie.

8/10 / 10

I loved the Little Giants!

Kevin and Danny O'Shea are brothers. Kevin is a former football star.Kevinputs together a Peewee football team and doesn't choose Becky/Icebox.Becky/Icebox decides to get her friends together to form their own team.Icebox may be tough on the field but when she deals with a crush on theteams quarterback, Junior (Devon Sawa,) it makes her reconsider football.I'm not surprised she likes Junior (Devon Sawa). He is a total hottie!Theday of the big game comes and the Little Giants are pumped but when asurprise is thrown their way they are a little scared. The movie ends,allowing you to decide what happens next! I would love it if they made asequel, of course they couldn't use the same charactersthough.


/ 10

If you don't like the little giants on some level, then you're a robot. Iknow robots, don't be that guy. The little giants is cute, it's fun, andit's funny. It's about the kids who "weren't good enough" to make theselect team, and who form their own team. Plotwise, there is nothing newabout the film, and really, you're not going to be impressed by the "art ofcinema." But put yourself there. Tell a child he isn't good enough, I dareyou. It's a good family story about triumph and about overcoming theobstacles life throws at us, even at a young age. These aren't collegekids, or pros, they're not even teenagers. The story is warm, inviting,sweet, and funny. Enjoy this film. Watch it with your kids, watch it withpeople you love, and do it for the kids. Peace.

6/10 / 10

As children, the O'Shea brothers were night and day: one a geeky littlewimp and the other a popular football player. As adults, the trendcontinued and the football player was now a popular coach with asuccessful car dealership. But when the wimp's daughter gets rejectedfrom her uncle's football team, the brothers must face off: wimpsversus jocks. It's an underdog story!

I watched this film on Christmas 2007 with my best friend Chelsea, whofreely admits to loving underdog kid sports films (which is evident ifyou know her love for "The Sandlot" and "The Might Ducks", as well). Idon't really have that strong of an attachment, but they're fun ifnothing else, and this one is definitely one of the more amusing ones,if for no other reason than the rampant stereotypes and solid cast.

Rick Moranis is the wimp brother, Danny O'Shea (not far from his rolein "Honey I Shrunk the Kids") and Ed O'Neill is football star KevinO'Shea (sort of like his role on "Married With Children"). Thedaughter/niece is Becky "Icebox" O'Shea, played by Shawna Waldron (whowent on to appear in "The American President") and her love interest isDevon Sawa, playing quarterback Junior Floyd. Sawa is how I got"tricked" into watching this film, after his name was dropped duringone of our many "Casper" conversations...

There's nothing really surprising about this film. I won't give it awayby telling you the plot, but I will say it's a team of wimps against ateam of quality players. You can probably guess how this works out,because all underdog sports movies basically work the same way. Andyou'll get the stereotypes here: tomboy who struggles with becoming awoman, fat kid who must be eating (and passing gas) in every scene...weakling with the overprotective mother. You can take away points forcreativity, but you have to grant them that they've covered all theexpected bases.

With the possible exception of one twist (which is predictable if yousee the opening credits) and the presence of Harry Shearer with somegreat announcements ("Mr. Moe Mentum has a new address!") this is whatyou'd expect, and if you want what you expect, you'll love this film. Ifound it very fun and light-hearted (a good way to wind downChristmas). Would I watch it again? Yes.

/ 10

This movie is adorable for adults and kids alike. The plot is cute andfunny. The lines are new and fresh. All the actors did a great job anda credit to their profession.

The idea of a girl being better than a boy is not far fetched, but newto most. They may take a little poetic licence with some of the scenes,but only to enhance the storyline.

For those who are looking for realism in a bunch of misfit kids, iwould also point out the movie Goonies and the classic it became,speaking to those who were less than perfect as children.

The movie will delight and is worth the time to see.