Little Big Mouth (2021)

Amanda Du-Pont, Charlie Bouguenon, Jacques Adriaanse, James Borthwick,
Kicked out of his band and home, a playful guitarist takes refuge with a bookkeeper, her son and dad. Is it possible make sweet music together?
  • 3.8 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2021-10-24 Added:
  • Louw Venter, Writer:
  • Gray Hofmeyr, Ziggy Hofmeyr, Director:
  • Menzi Thabede, Producer:
10 / 10

Just Another South African Rom-Com

A down on his luck guitarist, Siya (Naymaps Maphalala) is kicked out of the band and the apartment he shares with the band because of his alcohol abuse and behaviour when he is drunk. He discovering his wallet has been found at the venue where the band's played - a school he goes to the school to collect it then meets Frank (James Borthwick) who is there to collect his grandson Luke (Brady Hofmeyr) who is the son of the schools Bookkeeper, Mel (Amanda Du-Pont) who caught Siya's eye when he saw her the previous night.

Siya is able to wiggle himself into Mel's life finding refuge at Mel's household much to the dislike of her son and father.

I really wanted to love this, Borthwick is a legend in South Africa whilst Du-Pont and Maphalala have made great strides in the South African television/film industry. The writing screamed "unoriginal" and the film seemed low budget, which I have no issue with. A good script and good acting can make one overlook how poor everything else is, but the was a lot of over acting and just nonsensical writing.

I would like to see Amanda Du-Pont on better roles because her two Netflix movies aren't showing what I know she is capable of. Little Big Mouth is still your time worth watching. It is not a 10/10 movie like my rating suggests, it is 2 maybe 3 or 4, definitely 4 because nit can't be a 5. I will never rate a South African movie below 5 stars because the industry is on the right path. It's just a hit and miss because our government including fans do not support the industry as they should.

5 / 10

Big Little Mouth

The title is nonsensical and out of place.

This is a low budget movie out of South Africa. The story is standard movie fodder. Pitiful loser meets girl, gets redeemed and gets the girl. The acting ranges from horrific comedic, to just plane bad to not so bad. The production is pretty basic and the music ranges from pretty bad to not so bad. We made it all the way through, but just barely. I gave it a five, mainly for the performances of the mom and the son. On the script alone I'd give it a 2.

10 / 10

Nice Movie

Nice Movie, I like all the content of this movieWish we see a part 2 of it. The ending was well played and I personally think that this movie deserves a 10 star rating.

9 / 10

Great light romantic movie

So, it's not a arty or super deep film. However, it has light amusing comedy, and is beautifully romantic. Not cheesy, and so both men (I'm a 50 yr old cynical guy) and women will love this.

The two leads are beautiful, funny and have great chemistry and exhibit lovely personalities. The father and child are a bit annoying, but of course that's also part of their characters.

Not sure why people love something sickly sweet like The Notebook, but then crticise something more human but beautiful like this. Anyway, congrats to the writer and director, as well as the leads.

Who should watch this? A couple who want an inoffensive beautiful romantic film that will make you feel positive and great afterwards. Great to show your wife/girlfriend and if you're a guy you'll love it too.