Life on the Line (2015)

John Travolta, Kate Bosworth, Devon Sawa, Gil Bellows,
A crew of men who do the high-wire work of fixing the electrical grid are hit by a sudden deadly storm.
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  • Chad Dubea, Primo Brown, Marvin Peart, Peter I. Horton, Writer:
  • David Hackl, Director:
  • Phillip Glasser, Producer:


2 / 10

Everyone else who made this movie have no idea about the technical aspects of the job as lineman

Obviously, none of the film crew and none of the actors as well understand what they were making. This is obviously soooooo wrong. I mean, they should have researched more before making this movie. I am sure all linesmen and those who are in the power generation, distribution, and transmission industry laughed sooo much they died right after watching this movie. This is so horrible and insulting to those who are in the industry. This is my first movie review by the way. I just thought that I might be able to spare other people's time from watching this horrible movie especially those who understand how electricity is being generated, distributed, and transmitted.

1 / 10

Worst script and worst decision ever made..

I don't know What were John Travolta and Sharon Stone doing in this movie, I think this was the worst movie they have ever made..

John Travolta !!! come on man !! what were you thinking !? playing that awful role has almost ruined your whole reputation as an actor.

And Sharon Stone !! what can I say !? It was bad bad bad, bad acting, bad script, bad looks. Bad decision..

They seemed like they were sure that this was a bad idea, and they said let's do this, let's ruin everything, it seems like a good idea to destroy ourselves as actors.

It deserves 1 just for the story, it's a good story, but it could have been presented sooooo much better.

Very disappointing.

2 / 10

Very poorly portrayed

The characters are not believable. 33 year old Kate Bosworth playing an 18 year old? The characters are not even likable. They try to force "Emotion" about the risks of working as a Lineman but when the characters are neither believable nor likable this comes across as very forced.

Most hard working men go home to their families at the end of the day. A few might go Booze it up but that is the exception. So much for Hollywood understanding the real life of real hard working Americans.

Travolta needs to hang it up and go back to his Welcome Back Kotter days. At least there is some entertainment in that.

1 / 10

Not sure if they intended it to be realistic...

I work in the distribution sector as a linemen. This movie is crazy if they intend to show the public what its like to be a linemen.

I laugh it off and am embarrassed when the movie is brought up. It surprises me even more when I found out that the fallen linemen organization is behind this, were they trying to show realistic scenarios? I sure hope not.

I'm generally a fan of Travolta but even he was pretty bad, the acting was poor, but I really blame the dialogue. During the entire movie all I could think is who talks like that? They are constantly forcing the plot and back stories in a lazy manor.

2 / 10

Does not lay it on the line

Life on the Line is a straight to VOD movie with every cliché in the book and a bare bones plot from Armageddon but without a comet and a spaceship.

John Travolta is Beau, a veteran lineman in Texas wracked with guilt after his brother got electrocuted and his brother's wife dies on the way to the hospital. Beau raises his niece Bailey (Kate Bosworth) as his own.

Bailey is in love with Duncan (Devon Sawa) an aspiring lineman but Beau dislikes him. Bailey has also attracted a stalker with an ex boyfriend. The crew have a difficult task ahead as they are replacing worn out electricity lines, they need to ensure their safety especially with bad weather about.

There is a subplot when new neighbours move in, the man is an Iraq war veteran with PTSD who reckons his wife is cheating on him. He is also a lineman and rather suicidal as well.

Trouble ensues when the electric lines are down after a train wreck, complicated by a heady storm and improbable melodrama involving Bailey ending up at hospital with the back up power down. Beau need all his experience and skill to have the electricity flowing.

We get a busy story but much nothing happens apart from a countdown to a deadly storm. You could not wait for the storm to arrive as it means some action but it is tepid at best.