Life After: Chernobyl (2016)

Life After: Chernobyl is a TV movie starring Tim Mousseau, Rob Nelson, and Mary-Ann Ochota. Documentary explores the impact on animal life in the area surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Planet by two scientists some 30 years...
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2 / 10

reality TV disguised as science

What can I say? This is NOT what I would call a documentary. No real science or very little. mainly just a cross between ghost hunters, finding bigfoot and Man vs. Wild.

If you're expecting to learn anything here, forget it. I was really disappointed. I almost broke out laughing when they were trying to" call the wolf in".

These are not researchers and apparently not very good TV makers, just a couple of college biologists and a female reporter that got a little TV fame. This thing is a disaster.

Animal Planet must be desperate if this is what they are showing

1 / 10

Do not watch this.

If you're interested at all in anything to do with Chernobyl, watch something else. Any documentary you watch about Chernobyl will be better than this.

1 / 10

Do not watch this.

This movie is a bigger disaster then Chernobyl.

Scientific value: 0Entertainment value: 0Cringe value: over 9000

2 / 10

So cringeworthy bad

It is so overdramatic it almost hurts. I have nothing else to add...just bad

1 / 10

Truly dreadful bogus jeopardy

I've been to most of the places in this show. I met Ivan Ivanovich.. There's minimal risk, and no secrecy to any of it. Everyone knows where he lives and he is visited regularly by groups of tourists, bringing groceries. Red forest bit was quite interesting, but even that was jumbled, melodramatic, incoherent, bad science.