Let's Not Meet in the Woods (2020)

Madeline Lupi, Melissa Malone, Luke Mielnick, Hiram Ortiz, Genevieve Tarrant, Steve Wollett, Melania Zalipsky,
Let's Not Meet in the Woods is a movie starring Madeline Lupi, Melissa Malone, and Luke Mielnick. Three sisters venture out into the back country with their Aunt to evade a mysterious stalker and the pandemic taking place. Once out...
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  • Ryan Callaway, Director:
  • Amy Callaway, Christina Zalipsky, Producer:

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0Englishsubtitle Let's Not Meet in the Woods download


3 / 10

Scary story for pre-teens

Three girls with, cameras attached, instead of brains. Add a stalker or maybe more. Plus some old cult. Then wonder, are these kids that supid? Lets film it all and broadcast it, because there is no way the stalker is (not) watching. Some children should be kept far from social media. Hopefully real ones are smarter. (I bet not.)

8 / 10

oddball independent creepshow

(so far) my favorite of these Ryan Callaway micro-budget, handmade, homegrown horrors - inspirational filmmaking that shows what a person can do with creativity, imagination and commitment with a close-knit crew/cast just as committed to it - they're rough around the edges and maybe not everything works - but more exciting in their idiosyncrasies than the pre-processed, factory-made, easy-to-swallow blandness of the same-old-same-old.. there's some weird and creepy stuff going on in these movies - with an off-kilter blend of strange naturalism and stranger anti-realism and a kind of organic randomness that gives them a kind of believability - mixed with familiar, classic horror tropes - from "real-world" horrors, stalker/slasher horror, lost-in-the woods scares - to the fantastical like Satan worshiping cults and demons..I somehow stumbled onto this one and then watched 2 more -The Ghost In The Darkness and Let's Not Meet - all three are connected and work off of each other - dealing in different ways with the same "mythology" that runs through them - like world-building on a small, personal, do-it-yourself scale.. not without flaws and shortcomings - but the sheer individual-ness of these have me hoping to be able to track down some more of them..Biggest gripe with Let's Not Meet In The Woods: the too-brief scene on the boardwalk of what looked to be a favorite Jersey Shore beach town of mine left me wanting to see more of it - but they promptly went and split for woods of the title instead..

2 / 10

Really Poor Amateur kid actors

I think these young actors still need more training or practice. They still don't seem natural on camera. I know it's suppose to be like an action cam movie but I've seen kid You Tubers act more natural that this. I think for kid views it's OK. Kinda like watching kids on YTV's Goosebumps or Are you afraid of the dark. The camera shakes too much even though it's a action cam, a steady cam would be better. The panning of the camera is too fast that you cannot get a focus on anything more than 2 seconds. Getting dizzy just watching the camera shaking everywhere. Really bad editing job even with closeups on things.