Lazarus (2018)

Sean Riggs, Costas Mandylor, Shane Brolly, Nicki Micheaux, Noel Gugliemi, Linc Hand, Mya, Adamo Palladino,
Lazarus is a movie starring Sean Riggs, Costas Mandylor, and Shane Brolly. A super powered vigilante fights an organization to free a city from darkness.
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2 / 10

I want my 1:45 back

The trailer was so much better than the movie. Story line was iffy at best. It wasn't even entertaining.

1 / 10

Must have strategically released AFTER the Razzies. Straight up awful.

Is this a joke?

Please, stop talking.

Wow, this is awful.

These were my repeating thoughts, over and over, for 40 straight minutes until I turned it off. Painful dialogue. Terrible actors. This film must have strategically released after the deadline for this year's Golden Raspberry Awards, or it would have been a shoe-in for a Razzie. Maybe multiple.

5 / 10

It could have been really good...

Unfortunately, it missed the mark. The story premise isn't bad at all. But the overacting doesn't help it. If you like action you might enjoy it. I didn't enjoy it enough to recommend.

3 / 10

I watched it for half an hour. All I could stand.

Obvious (very) low budget film. I watched about a half an hour of it and that was all I could take. The acting was deadpan and sub-par. The sets were lacking. It was just a bad movie. Now, the premise was good and the trailer was good. But the movie wasn't.

3 / 10

Trailer better than the movie

The movie tried but missed the mark.

If the sets are anything to go by, this film looks and feels low budget. The acting (or lack there of) was strained, almost overacting. The movie needed a lot of things to improve it, but what it needed most was a capable director.

VERDICT: Not recommended viewing.