Last Survivors (2021)

Drew Van Acker, Alicia Silverstone, Stephen Moyer, Mark Famiglietti,
A father and son, who have been living off grid for 20 years, encounter an outsider who threatens to destroy the utopia they've built.
  • 4.8 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
  • DatePublished:
  • 2022-02-04 Added:
  • Josh Janowicz, Writer:
  • Drew Mylrea, Director:
  • Michael Jefferson, Sunil Perkash, Shaun Sanghani, Akaash Yadav, Producer:


10 / 10

Knock out acting, intense storytelling

Exciting thriller that lets you spend time with well drawn characters brought to life by actors who are all in. Unique and cerebral take on the end-of-the-world genre. Had a great time watching this!

9 / 10

Excellent portrayal of human psyche

Great storyline portrayed here suspense and human emotion played almost perfectly. Great cast they all brought expierence to the screen in a big way. Is a must watch!

4 / 10

winter of 42

It's a coming of ager like summer of 42 but colder and Drew Van Acker is older and not as cute. It's nice to see Alicia Silverstone again, i always liked her. And she did her best, otherwise i would have stopped watching. She did her best with a pretty bad movie plot. The whole thing is absurd and the dialog has really bad parts. Off the grid father tries to shield his son, and a few people get shot. I hope to see Alicia in something worth watching again.

1 / 10

Just a comment

Not exactly a review. Must confess. I only saw the trailer. After that, never bothered to see the movie. Too predictable. Unrealistic. Guess who the bad guy is. Guess who the good one is (I'd rather say the dumb one). Who's right, who's wrong. What's right and what's not. Conscience and way of thinking don't change in a few minutes. The clear message in the movie. Events in the future don't mean science fiction. Just a personal comment on, as I said, only watching the trailer.

8 / 10

Pleasantly surprised

Really good movie. The acting was top notch! Good story. Very well delivered! Even after reading the reviews i was somewhat hesitant. Glad i took a chance it was worth it.