Last Ride (2011)

Sarah Bishop, Victor Uwagboe, Ivan Zelic, James Phillips,
Last Ride is a movie starring Sarah Bishop, Victor Uwagboe, and Ivan Zelic. On December 15 2010, a group of friends set out for a day's mountain bike ride. 4 days later, a search and rescue team retrieved a helmet mounted video...
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1 / 10

Except that girl in pink top at the beginning, nothing is worth watching here.

Yep, you read it right. If you are looking for horrifying found footage thrill, there isn't one. Almost all of the attacks are off-camera followed by large amount of blood on victims. A lot of running and walking through the woods. For a first person camera work, it's pretty annoying.

It's sort of an unwritten rule or an open secret of slasher-horror genre to kill off the cutest or prettiest girl in the beginning; so in this case, they've chosen Emma Law, the actress as the cute girl in pink top for the first lamb to slaughter. She even acted well, given her small screen time. So, if you start to watch this movie, you might like it for first 5-10 minutes, then the rest is a waste of time if you are already accustomed enough with found footage horror movies.