Lal Singh Chaddha (2020)

Aamir Khan,
Laal Singh Chaddha, a simple man whose extraordinary journey will fill you with love, warmth, happiness and will also make you laugh.
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1 / 10

Just watch the Original "Forrest Gump". PERIOD.

I had watched Tom Hanks 'Forrest Gump' in 2019. It was a movie that touched my heart. It was a legend movie along with genuine acting.

When i heard that Laal Singh Chaddha is copy or inspired from that movie. I was excited to watch this movie as what masala or addition Aamir Khan would bring in it as an Bollywood Actor. Today i watched the first show, half of Hall was empty to my surprise.

After watching the movie i felt cheated that forrest gump has been turned into an Insane and Idiot Rancho of 3 idiots. It was like Rancho sequel. One more thing, how anyone who get so much fame from India and Indians can show Indian Army in a funny way to demean them.

Btw... Song were good but already available on youtube.

1 / 10

Copies an alien story on an infertile soil

The problem of Laal Singh Chaddha starts from its name and inspiration. It is inspired from a story in Hollywood which itself has a niche following because it is not a usual subject matter.

To transplant all the peculiarities of Forrest Gump on Indian scene is impossible because it is simply not true. So this movie looks like what it is really - a copy of Hollywood from scene to scene with Indian ethnic flavor.

It was destined to disappoint but after watching it, it is confirmed.

1 / 10

Bollywood Nautanki

Movies lost the original features .

Their is nothing to watch in this movie.

You must watch the original Forrest gumo movie to enjoy in your valuable timeOnly focused on clown acting of Aamir khan .

They should learn acting from hollywood.

1 / 10

A slow Remake

Story is good ,but already seen in Forest Gump. Very slow story line. Lost its charm in the first 10-15 minutes. Some walo scenes where there, but gave a headache to me. Very long 3 hours movie yet story runs SLOWWWWW.... If ask me, don't watch the film. Looks like I have wasted my time and money as well...

1 / 10

Totally waste of time and money

Worst movie i have ever seen . Long and disgusting screenplay. Bad direction and acting. Only junior lal singh good.

Illogical and horrible to see amir khan act like PK movie.