La Famille Bélier (2014)

Karin Viard, François Damiens, Eric Elmosnino, Louane Emera,
La famille Bélier is a movie starring Karin Viard, Fran?ois Damiens, and Eric Elmosnino. A girl, who lives with her deaf parents, discovers that she has the gift of singing.
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  • Victoria Bedos, Stanislas Carré de Malberg, Thomas Bidegain, Writer:
  • Eric Lartigau, Director:
  • Stéphanie Bermann, Eric Jehelmann, Producer:


8 / 10

Heartwarming movie

Since the moment I watched the trailer I told myself: "I have to see this movie." And it was worth it. Sometimes you don't need cars exploiting, a super mega plot twist, fantasy creatures or a whole new fictional world, sometimes you just need a heartwarming movie like this one. This is a nice film to see with your family, partner or friend. It has romance, comedy and a great ending. The movie gives you a different perspective of a unique family that like every other family has to deal with their own problems and issues. I give it an 8 because I felt they rushed to get to the conclusion but besides that the rest is great. The music and the way Eric portrayed it in the movie was amazing. Go watch it in theaters and let Louane Emera's voice take your breath.

8 / 10

Uplifting and heartwarming family comedy with angelic voices in a deaf family

A hearing daughter, Paula Belier (Louane Emera), was born to deaf parents and has a younger deaf brother in rural France. Being fluent in sign language and French, she acts as the family interpreter and bridge to the outside world – whether it is a doctor's appointment or dealing with customers in the market when they sell their farm produce.

Not only can Paula speak, but she also has a gift in singing, as discovered by her music teacher, who decides to train her and a fellow classmate for admission into the Maitrise de Radio France, an elite choir in Paris. Now Paula has to struggle between leaving the family for Paris to pursue her dream in singing or stay home to care for her family who depends so much on her. In the meantime, there seems to be some teenage romance going on ?

Very swift tempo and lots of comedy when Paula links her family with the world outside. But it gets serious and tear jerking when we witness her torn between fulfilling her dreams and leaving the family she loves. It gets touching when her deaf father begins to "hear" her sing and finally realizes their daughter need to live her own life.

Totally entertaining and absolutely moving with beautiful singing. The songs fit beautifully with the script. Also great acting from the cast, especially Louane Emera who sings like an angel. Paula's parents and younger brother are very convincing too. Highly recommended and bring some tissue paper.

9 / 10

If you are tired of the Hollywood Formula...

You want to watch the traditional super production, with special effects, super heroes, stunts, multi locations, etc.? then this is not the movie you are looking for. This great movie goes to the essence of a nice, loving, great family, who deal with human feelings in the most real, natural and believable way. A movie that will leave a great flavor. 100% worth to watch! Great acting, direction, photography, and of course, the soul of every movie, the script. More movies like this which show the bright side of life are needed, vs. the cinema that shows the sad reality of violence, crime, and stress. This last line is to fulfill the 10 lines required for a review. ;)

7 / 10

An emotional roller-coaster that connected with me in a personal level

"I am not fleeing, I'm flying. Understand well, I'm flying"

There are times when a film can hit close to home making it hard to review objectively because it has spoken to you in a very personal manner. That is the case with Eric Lartigau's French film, La Famille Belier, which centers on a family who are all deaf and mute except for their adolescent daughter who has become an important part of their life since she serves as their translator to the outside world. The family owns a farm and sells cheese at the local market. Despite of their disabilities, Gigi (Karin Viard) and Rodolphe (Francois Damiens), are very cheerful and caring parents. Their daughter, Paula (Louane Emera), is a talented singer, but of course her parents don't understand what music means to people. When her choir director discovers her potential, he asks her to participate in an entrance exam for the Maitrise de Radio France, an elite school for musicians in Paris. This puts Paula in a very difficult position because she knows how much she is needed by her family, but she also realizes that this a great opportunity for her to do what she loves. She also has a smaller brother named Quentin (Luca Gelberg) with the same disabilities. The film connected with me on a personal level because my father had a stroke five years ago and hasn't been able to speak since. He understands everything and communicates through signs and expressions, but he can't speak. The right side of his body was affected as well and he has trouble moving his leg and has no movement in his arm. I've been his therapist and seen his improvements from day one. He's also been very upbeat, cheerful and full of faith with regards to his disability. I connected with Paula's character because I understood the sacrifice she makes everyday for her family, although I'm in no way talented with my singing. The reason I'm writing all this is because it is hard to review a film that touches you in such a personal way. The film doesn't have any brilliant technical aspects to it, the story is melodramatic and clichéd, the performances are sometimes over the top (but comedic nonetheless) and the music sometimes can play a key role into manipulating the mood of the audience. These are aspects of films that I usually criticize, but in this film none of that mattered because it was an emotional roller coaster for me personally. I was entertained from the very beginning and enjoyed the entire film despite its flaws.

The lead role is played by Louane Emera who has a beautiful voice without a doubt. She was actually a participant in the French reality TV show, The Voice. This is her first film, but she really delivers a natural and touching performance. Speaking of reality shows, the film actually feels like one at times. You know how they usually try to engage the audience by introducing a participant who had a troubled past and is overcoming the obstacles to achieve his or her dreams. That is kind of what they do here with the character of Paula, they are using her difficult life story to touch the audience and make us care for her. I didn't have a problem with that however because it worked here. It manages to be funny and sad at the same time and it balances out those moments throughout the entire film. There are many subplots that weren't developed and should've been left out, but I think they were included mostly for comedic purposes and to take away our attention from the main theme of the film. Take for instance the moment where Rodolphe decides that he is going to run for mayor. There are a few funny moments but the film doesn't go anywhere with that. There is also a subplot revolving around Quentin's relationship with one of Paula's best friends, but that also ends up going nowhere. Those subplots were included as a way to mix things up a bit and fool the audience as to which way the film was heading, because in the end it is a bit all too predictable and clichéd. However, the music in this film works extremely well and I ended up caring for these characters and the decisions they had to make. Karin Viard and Francois Damiens had great chemistry together and provided most of the comedy in the film. Viard goes a bit overboard with her exaggerated stagey performance, but it worked. La Famille Belier is a very charming feel-good movie full of funny and sincerely touching moments.

9 / 10

Expect more

The Béliers are a pretty different family. They're deaf and mute. They live in the countryside and they are a loving family with two children. With one caveat: their daughter is their ears and voice.

As French cinema goes, this film is at its best. The performances, and the whole idea behind the film is so deep and so original, it will make you think twice about life.

It's pretty difficult for me to restrain on accolades and praise. The writers, the director, the crew and each and every actor on this piece are a team out of the ordinary. I mean, a film like this is what makes film making and story telling worth it. As it happens more often than not, French cinema is on the top list of the best films in the world. Sadly for those who expect lots of action, the French rarely oblige. They go deep into the soul of their characters. This is not a cute film, this is a serious work of art that transcends beliefs, races and countries. I would put it as one of those films not to be missed. Chapeau!