Kungfu Ghost (2020)

Jennifer N. Linch, Noah Sargent,
Daisy inherits a spooky old estate from her late grandfather, a martial arts master whom she never met. When she shows up on the property, she soon discovers the house is haunted by her grandfather's spirit and the ghost of a myst...
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  • Ivan White, Writer:
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9 / 10

Fun Feature Debut for Linch

Shot in 2020 and after two years of post-production, we finally have Jennifer Linch's feature film debut, Kung Fu Ghost. Is it perfect? No. Does it need to be perfect? No. Is it fun? Yes! Linch clearly busted her butt (literally and figuratively) to get the film made as it was a passion project, having grown up watching fantasy wuxia pian and romance stuff. She also likes comedy and let's face it, it will not be for everyone. However, for a feature film debut, give Linch credit.

Going from ditzy lazy girl to kung fu warrior is quite a feat and there are some pretty interesting flashbacks and twists that keep the story going enough. Linch is a martial artist so she was able to handle her fight scenes well.

This is just the beginning of what could be an exciting journey for Jennifer Linch. I, for one, wants to see what she will conjure up next!

3 / 10

Uhm,,, no.

The story itself had some promise for me and being a long time martial artist was interested in that aspect of the movie. The acting itself? I think I've seen better acting in a high school play. I think I lasted a whole ten minutes and called it quits. I flat couldn't handle it anymore.

9 / 10

A blend of ghost story and Jackie chan's old movies

The love story of the film reminded me of Casper and Ghost of Demi Moore in the 90s. The fun cool fight scenes are pretty much like a Jackie chan movie in the early 80, 90s along with the pretty sick behind the scene footages at the end. Overall, the two leads are very good looking and have great chemistry. The old grandpa guy is funny . You don't see them making movies like this anymore. I enjoy it.

10 / 10

Fun Movie

I really enjoyed it. A nice clean movie that the family can enjoy together. It had action, comedy and romance and it was just a really fun time.

The action was fast paced, the comedy was light and silly. I'd recommend it for a chill movie night.

10 / 10

My kid loved it

My 5 year old girl loved it. It's very goofy but the fight scenes are great. The ending made me .... well, you need to watch it. But we had a fun morning watching this silly fun awesome film.