Knuckledust (\N)

Knuckledust is a movie starring Olivier Richters, Kate Dickie, and Phil Davis. When a special police task force kick open the doors of elite underground fight den - Club Knuckledust, they find seven levels of hell, filled with the...
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  • James Kermack, Director:
  • Julien Loeffler, Producer:


5 / 10

checks all the boxes for sloppy film-making

Cannot decide if it is supposed to be an action flic or a caper flic or a self-parody. Just when the viewer almost gets to understand what a specific scene is about, the camera jerks right or jerks left and new characters appear out of nowhere to distract you. The use of color is deliberately over-done (along with garish lighting) to make you think you have a splitting headache when you actually don't. Ditto the music track. And, lest we forget, the title Knuckledust, which sort of leads one to think of this as fight film, turns out, like every other part of this script, to be only a tease with no actual payoff.

8 / 10

Very enjoyable!

Stylish, funny and great twist at the end. Very enjoyable!

10 / 10

An instant classic!

Loved this film. Fun, witty, slick, smart. A great combination of British indieness and blockbuster fun, but is more complex than you might think. I know I'll be watching again and expect to take away even more from it next time. Great performances and fight scenes, felt gritty and real and not over choreographed. Looking forward to seeing more from this writer/director.

10 / 10

Great action flick!

Non-stop action film full of surprises. Just when you think you've worked it out, the script moves you into unforeseen territory. The fight scenes feel very real and are brilliantly directed. It's funny and thrilling, and the soundtrack is superb.

9 / 10

It's a cracker !

I enjoyed that it flipped from funny to mystery to a nice bit of good old violence. It kept me guessing until the end. Well put together and for me the balance was spot on. Engaging and great entertainment. I recommend.