Killing Michael Jackson (2019)

Killing Michael Jackson is a TV movie starring Michael Jackson, Alberto Alvarez, and Richard Senneff. Documentary featuring the three U.S. detectives who led the original investigation into the singer's death.
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9 / 10

Finally the FACTS of this case.

Huge respect to the officers from LAPD for getting together to make this documentary happen, finally the facts revealed without any paparazzi-images or media circus ; as they said, it was not , in their opinion, 'involuntary' manslaughter but clearly a 2nd degree murder. Thank you for your work, officers.

10 / 10

Clearly murder

It is very clear that Michael Jackson was killed by his doctor. After watching this and still say he wast then you are in denial.

Michael Jackson was truly a beautiful man who was to nice for his own good. Its a shame they killed him. But then again he was to good for this world. So RIP

7 / 10

Clearly murder," they said?

When Michael Jackson was found dead in his mansion, people are trying to determine his death as murder or anything but murder

This is a quick one, whether it is suitable for your watching or not, it depends whether you just want to know the part about his death, then this documentary is for you. Because more of this documentary is from the perspective of the detectives, then that is what you get. How you'll see the pressure of people and to prove that the doctor is guilty. Killing Michael Jackson somehow has a way to make you form an opinion yourself about the doctor, who's in charge of the killing. The question would be, what more the doctor could do to anticipate Michael Jackson death? Is the doctor is fully responsible for Michael Jackson death?