Keep Rolling (2020)

Fruit Chan, Hsiao-Hsien Hou, Ann Hui, Josephine Siao, Hark Tsui,
One of Hong Kong's most influential filmmakers, Ann Hui, becomes a "star" for the first time in Man Lim-chung's directorial debut. A forerunner of the New Wave, Hui's tumultuous, forty-year career is an unequivocal testimony to he...
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  • Lim Chung Man, Director:
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9 / 10


The movie is about the life of a very tough woman. Her passion does not lie in forming a family, raising children, having someone to love with, but in shooting a film. Her passion in film does not earn her fortune, luxirious mansion, stylish fashion, but, ups and downs depending on the box office of her production. A movie dedicated to all the devoted artists, to all fighters who spend their whole life doing and loving what they like.

Long live the cinema.

8 / 10

some feelings

It's a good documentary, which is more natural than disassembling life into slightly artificial chapters. Looking back now, I found that each of Xu Anhua's works was greatly related to her life situation and thinking at that time. It not only shows her self seeking side as a creator, but also shows her various life states as a woman, daughter and friend, and exactly each state is natural, real and lovely, which once again confirms Xu Anhua's unique characteristics. As the most important female film creator in Hong Kong, Asia and even the world, her experience will rekindle the fighting spirit of those who love movies and are determined to make movies. By the way, it's really good to listen to the stories of old friends told by Hou Xiaoxian, Wu nianzhen, Tsui Hark, Yan Hao, er Dongsheng, Xiao Fangfang, Li pingbin, Du Duzhi, Andy Lau and Lin Jiaxin.