Kaun Pravin Tambe? (2022)

Shreyas Talpade, Arif Zakaria, Asif Ali, Rakesh Bhavsar,
An indian cricketer who shows persistence and hardwork to achieve his ultimate goal of playing a Ranji Trophy. At the penultimate stage of the career at a age when it is believed people's career ends, he starts a new chapter of hi...
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  • Kedar Patankar, Kapil Sawant, Kiran Yadnyopavit, Writer:
  • Jayprad Desai, Director:
  • Shital Bhatia, Sudip Tewari, Producer:


10 / 10

Why this film didn't release in theaters?

If MSD : THE UNTOLD STORY could release on the big screen , then why didn't this film. I genuinely feel this is another untold story that needed a wider audience to witness.

KPT covers two journeys of Pravin Tambe, one, his journey from the small tournaments to the big stage IPL and Ranji and two, his journey from being a medium pacer to a leg spinner.

The man kept fighting for a place in the ranji for and kept practicing for years despite his age going against his ambition. His job was a headache still he didn't give up. This is the inspiring tale of the man Pravin Tambe, who went on to make a hattrick on debut against KKR .

KPT definitely gives off the MSD biopic vibes but it is of a shorter length . Shreyas Talpade gets to show his superb talent he posseses with this role. The final match between RR and KKR has been choreographed really well despite limited budget.

Also thr film never gets boring. It is always entertaining or emotional or inspiring.

Flaws : Parambrata's part is a waste addition. Also, the final call up for Pravin to RR was really abrupt. No information as to how RR selected him is given which is why it felt so abrupt. The guy who played Rahul Dravid was hilariously bad.

Overall, if you loved the MSD biopic, you will definitely love KPT. It is an inspiration. And it is engaging as well. Also, that one song that plays in this film is superb, reminded me of Besabriyaan of MSD biopic.

10 / 10

Salute to whoever thought to present Pravin,s biography

As an indian most of us are die hard cricket fan and all of us thought to become cricketer at one point of time in our life.

But only 10's out of crore could achieve it.

This story really motivates to never give up on your dreams.

9 / 10

Best sports drama after Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

I'm cricket fan we don't get too many cricket based film and when we do most of them are terrible I was the most disappointed when 83 film was released the film had a lot of potential but can't deliver the product

Every Indian cricket fan knows the story about Praveen tambey this film tries to capture the struggle of the player and it does tremendously well the film is very personal and it doesn't lack in anything it will keep you engaged

When the film is done you would have a sense of aweThe film successfully captured the struggle of Pravin tambe,without a shadow of doubt the best film I have seen based on cricket after Iqbal. And one of the best sports drama based on real person I have seen after Bhaag Milkha bhag.

10 / 10

The Shawshank Redemption of Sports Biopics

You don't need to be a legend always to inspire. Sometimes all you need is an honest, sincere & continuous effort. Pravin Tambe is a 40+ struggling cricketer, who didn't get a chance to prove his talent and his career looks to end even before it starts. But, the only ray of hope is his honest dedication towards his life that is Cricket. When all seems over, life gives him a super over. The Wall, Rahul Dravid, spots his talent & he gets into the playing 11 of Rajasthan Royals for the most astonishing franchise league of cricket in the world, IPL. His debut comes at an age when most players get retired. At a crucial juncture, when the opponents are about to chase the score made by Rajasthan, Pravin Tambe gets his debut over & guess what, he takes a hattrick. On top of that, he becomes the highest wicket taker in that IPL Tournament. Above all, this is an absolutely ?? true story. What an inspirational story that requires your patience, but rewards you handsomly! Must Watch. Simple, yet super special. Boy next door, yet a superhero. Soulful performance of Shreyas Talpade.

10 / 10

Real fighter

Inspiring & amazing movie great work by Shreyas Sir Hats of to Pravin Sir Motive to never step back makes him a real legend he is a perfect example of that age is just a number he gives a example that nothing matters if fight for your dreams.