Katherine's Lullaby (\N)

William Kircher, Jolene Andersen, Tori Kostic, David Lee Hess,
Captive is a movie starring William Kircher, Tori Kostic, and Jolene Andersen. A teenage runaway who's trapped by a delusional man, pretends to be his daughter in order to escape.
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  • 2018-09-07 Added:
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  • Savvas Christou, Director:
  • Melissa Gutierrez, Producer:

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8 / 10

Nice Little Thriller

A nice little thriller about the Stockholm Syndrome of abusive relationships. A teenage girl who is running away from an abusive stepfather is kidnapped and held captive by a deranged man. The only way to survive and possibly escape is to pretend to be his own daughter, Katherine. Looking forward to seeing more from Savvas Christous.

6 / 10

Not much happens

This movie revolves around the world's gentlest captivity. Evan is more ill tempered than menacing or threatening. Lily shows very little ability to plan an escape. The ending is a pleasant surprise, but shows how much more inventive the rest of the story could have been.

8 / 10


Overall I thought it was great! It was gripping, the storyline was solid, and atmosphere was on point the whole way through. Would definitely recommend if you liked Misery or Room.

8 / 10

Wonderfully uncomfortable movie!

A very interesting script keeps you engaged.. Good characters, slow pace in the beginning, but nice and engaging. The main guy creeps me out.

8 / 10

Pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised by this film having not really heard of it before watching (found it via Nevermore festival 2021). Kudos to the production of this piece, as I was indeed kept guessing throughout - I fully appreciated being taken down a different road than the one I had expected.

A strong performance from the cast en masse, but William Kircher did stand out; since we are essentially watching events unfold as and when he experiences them. Immersed in a strange scenario, off to the birthday scene, but with a twist of the unusual.

If you enjoy the psychological thriller genre, this film is unmissable. With such films in particular being bogged down with the same type of characters and very similar plots, this one comes as a refreshing change.

On the whole, I would recommend it to most viewers, thriller fans and non-thriller fans alike. It's an 8 from me.