Kaagaz (2019)

Pankaj Tripathi, Monal Gajjar,
A satirical comedy about a common man and the struggle he goes through to prove his existence after being falsely being declared dead on government records.
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8 / 10


Kaagaz is a biographical drama about a man who was declared dead in Government records, and it took him 19 years to prove that he's alive. So, you can see the story is very interesting.

It's completely a Pankaj Tripathi show, I can't think of anyone portraying this character expect Pankaj Tripathi. The chemistry of Monal Gajjar with Pankaj is delightful to watch. You should definitely watch the film for this interesting yet inspiring true story and of course for The Legend Pankaj Tripathi.

You can watch the film on ZEE5.

? MandalBros.

9 / 10

Pankaj Tripathi nailed again

Every one did a great job. Pankaj Tripathi always looks real in his character. We need to assume that we are in 80'S. it gives a great message to audiences.

10 / 10


Really good subject. I never knew such frauds existed anywhere in the world through movies I've learned alot about the things that happen in india. Great performances and the film length is just right. Well paced comedy as well as sticking to the situation of the subject. Really enjoyed it.

7 / 10

Pankaj Tripathi Nailed it Again

The story and direction is good but it gets better by acting of Pankaj Tripathi. The story grips you till end and the humor is perfect according to the situation. This movie is must watch.

8 / 10

Jug Jug Jiyo Re Raja

The performance of Pankaj Tripathi is phenomenal as expected. Over the duration of the movie you start to understand the pain one has to go through due to India's political & judicial system. There are scenes in the movie which literally gives you goosebumps when the background music play. Overall its a decent film to watch.