K-9: P.I. (2002)

Jim Belushi, Gary Basaraba, Kim Huffman, Jody Racicot,
K-9: P.I. is a video starring Jim Belushi, Gary Basaraba, and Kim Huffman. Detective Dooley is finally retiring from the police force. However, on his way home him and his partner Jerry dog discover a robbery in the laboratory for...
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  • Steven Siegel, Scott Myers, Gary Scott Thompson, Ed Horowitz, Writer:
  • Richard J. Lewis, Director:
  • Ron French, Producer:

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6/10 / 10

Dooley (Jim Belushi) and his canine partner Jerry Lee are back for athird go-round in K9:PI. This time, they are battling thieves over somestolen computer chips in a plot so thin, it makes Belushi look extrafat. Also, Belushi is now retired from the police force and working asa private investigator, hence the title. The excitement and action andcomedy of the first movie are long gone, replaced by endless flatulenceand poo jokes. K9:PI is passable, but barely. The first half, about thechip robbery and Dooley accidentally getting involved, is moreentertaining than the second half, during which Dooley "pimps" JerryLee in order to make some money when he finds his pension temporarilyfrozen. As this subplot drags on and on, the action really dies andbarely picks up in time for the end. And I wasn't kidding about Belushibeing out of shape in this. He looks terrible.

6/10 / 10

Our favorite crime fighting duo is back for a third installment in theseries, this time after leaving his retirement party, him and Jerry Leeare walking home when they stumble upon an upscale robbery involvingelectronic chips, they try to stop the robbery and are foiled somewhatby the crooks, and the FBI,, Jerry Lee has swallowed one of fourcomputer chips,, and the other three don't work without the fourth,, sohis ex -boss get's wind of things, and his pension is frozen,, so outof cash he decides to breed Jerry Lee for quick cash,, he then get's aPrivate Investigator's license to make ends meat,, he takes on a clientwho is very beautiful and the chase is on.. very funny movie without alot of dog humor,, as well as the interactions between Jerry Lee andhis owner,, not as good as the first two , but definitely worth awatch.

/ 10

In this third K-9 adventure, Mike Dooley (James Belushi) and hisfour-leggedpartner Jerry Lee are at the end of their career with the police departmentand beginning a new one as private investigators. There are many humorousmoments as our heroes trail some hi-tech thieves. The cop and dog pairingthat made the first two films appealing is still fresh and the action keepsthe pace up.

4/10 / 10

This is a pretty run of the mill family move that I am sure mostchildren will enjoy but with really no that much to please any adultsviewing the movie. The premise of the film is that Belushi's copcharacter takes his retirement but gets drawn into a case which resultsin him becoming a private investigator. The movie's plot is so obviousmost of the kids will surely pick the ending before it happens. Butadditionally to that there seem to be story arcs and sub plots that areforgotten about as the movie progresses. This coupled with a sub plotwhere the titular K-9 gets pimped out by Belushi. One to be avoided Iam afraid.

9/10 / 10

The movie is hilarious, but it doesn't go with the previous movies.What happened to the female detective from the previous movie, at theend, they were going out on a date, they should have incorporated that,and other such things from k-9, and k-911 into k-9 PI. Other wise, itwas an excellent movie, and a great family film, it had me laughingfrom beginning to end. James Belushi is an excellent actor, and reallybrings the role of Detective Dolley to life.

If you buy, or rent any movie this year, you should definitely make itthis one. This movie is definitely gets a vote of 9, out of 10. I wouldgive it a ten, but the fact that it isn't fluent with the first twomovies was quite upsetting.