June 9 (2018)

Jon Ray, Trevor Williams, Maggie Blazunas, Alasha Wright,
June 9 is a movie starring Jon Ray, Trevor Williams, and Maggie Blazunas. What happened on june 9? On a search for some harmless fun at the end of the school year, 17 year-old Derek boggman led his friends on a mischievous journey...
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7 / 10

There is a place in the woods...

"June 9". A group of friends from school film themselves doing pranks in their local area, upping the ante each time. The date is shown to be June 4 when the movie opens, and, even after a few very scary encounters, the ring leader of the group pushes the friends further and further down the rabbit hole of risk, inching slowly towards the inevitable "June 9", where their story culminates to a rip roaring demise for all.

After waiting for 6 years for this movie to get a proper release, I have finally added it to my ever growing collection of horror and genre films. This is maybe one of the rarest found footage films out there and its definitely one to own. Support indie filmmakers.With that being said, "June 9" plays out just as I'd thought. This movie was filmed in 2008 so it has that old school feel to it a bit which only helps the authenticity of the film. Done on a very low budget, its still basically a success, though this movie does move at a slow pace.I recommend this movie to found footage fans and collectors because otherwise, it may be ragged on.

7 / 10

for those that desire to see everything horror related-

I grew up in the area, skied both Boston Mills and Brandywine back in the 70's. The incident in that area and time was the disappearance of Arthur Noske. One of the homes we passed on the way to the slopes was supposed to be the home the Noskes moved into with Dr. Kutler (look it up). Legend has/had it that Arthur's mother and the goodly Doc dispatched young Arthur in their fireplace.

I don't want to add any spoilers;There's a slow burn but for me this was a sllloooowww burn. It did drag for a while and frankly I about lost interest.....see last paragraph.

The acting was better than I anticipated, characters seemed "in place" for the suggested era. They even did a pretty good job keeping the set and props reasonable.

I felt the camerawork was a bit lacking though, this made watching tedious. BWP was of similar nature and I've read comments comparing these films. Cloverfield was a good film in the FF category but the camerawork was off the chart for me so I use that as a measuring stick (Cloverfield being nearly intolerable)...this wasn't "off the chart".

NO SPOILERS! Make sure you watch ALL of the film - if you've invested time reading this then you can sit through the entire film - until it stops playing. Seriously - if you watch it, watch all of it.

1 / 10

Do not watch

Overly graphic very disturbing. Don't believe the other reviews. This movie is one that has zero plot but will disturb you in such a way you may not tv for a while. Disgusting and waste of time. This film should be banned.

1 / 10

What was the point?

A bunch of white kids with nothing productive to do with their lives go around being annoying and doing childish pranks. I'm guessing they are supposed to be high schoolers. This is what happens when you don't have to work and your parents don't make you work for anything. What a complete waste of time even for background noise. And don't try to use it to fall asleep because the sound is awful and gets loud then quiet constantly throughout the entire thing.

1 / 10

Nothing good about this movie

I don't know who rated this movie as decent. This movie isn't a horror movie, scary, gory, visceral, or any of the other things glowing reviews are saying in the reviews here. I feel like I watched an entirely different film than was reviewed here. This movie was entirely plotless, pointless, had zero effects or interest, and it was just the second worse found footage movie I've ever seen. The only movie that's actual worse than this was "hallow shoals", which actually had "a" plot but it was so dumb I was mad I sat through it. This movie made me feel the same way, after sitting through the whole thing I wanted that hour and a half of my life back.

I'll sum up the whole movie for you:Dumb kids play pranks.

Dumb kids keep messing with a house in the woods that's supposedly the home of a crazy woman who murdered her children by hammering their heads in.

Dumb kids keep playing pranks, messing with the house and messing with people around the house.

Dumb kids *spoiler spoiler* the end.

Never again. If you want a decent ff, watch Exists, In Memorium, Exhibit A, etc. There's so many really good ff films along with SO MANY bad ones. Don't settle!