Jordan (2010)

Gregory Zaragoza, Liezl Carstens, Angelique Midthunder, Christian Baste,
Jordan is a movie starring Gregory Zaragoza, Liezl Carstens, and Angelique Midthunder. Five-year-old Jordan walks miles through the night in the wake of a car accident on an isolated mountain road. But when small-town Sheriff Gil...
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  • Karin Diann Williams, Writer:
  • Stuart Hynson Culpepper, Director:
  • Patrick T. Rousseau, Noah Workman, Producer:

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4 / 10

OMG I Cried So much at the end!!

Just kidding. Altho it was well filmed this movie seemed pretty average. Was this a Lifetime movie of the week? That's the impression I had. Predictable plot. Not really any good twists or turns. Really can't give it more than a 5 and that's probably being generous.

8 / 10

Worth watching

After reading numerous reviews of such completely different ideas, I had to watch this one to form my own opinions. Being a long time movie buff myself I can understand the other people's views. However I completely differ with most of those opinions. It does start out a bit slow. But I thought the acting was good especially the little girl, who was quite believable for a 5 year old in such a devastatingly emotional part. The ending is a completely surprise!It's worth a watch. Get your own opinions.

7 / 10

Surprisingly engaging

I shouldn't like this movie. The writing and acting weren't great, but some how it kept me interested. I think it was the children working together and supporting each other that endeared me to the movie. It felt quite genuine and warm even with the relatively flat reading of their lines. It was also nice to see a positive Native American representation.

7 / 10

An enjoyable, easy to watch drama.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, it built tension throughout and there was some strong acting, especially from the actress playing Jordan. It was, I suspect, a low budget film, but they did really well with what they had. The setting was stunning and well filmed, and it was a plus to see a diverse cast. One criticism would be the sound. Often the music was too loud and the dialogue, especially in the hospital scenes, was far too quiet.I would rate this a 6.5.

5 / 10


I thought it was a horror movie. It wasn't a good psychological thriller for that matter. Good acting by the children . Good too see a Mexican family portrayed. Other than that this was slow and needed more depth in writing. The premise was good but the results sucked.