Jiu Jitsu (\N)

Alain Moussi, Randy Couture,
Jiu Jitsu is a movie starring Nicolas Cage, Marie Avgeropoulos, and Frank Grillo. A new Sci-Fi Martial Arts franchise from Dimitri Logothetis, Director/Producer of Kickboxer: Retaliation.
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1 / 10

Awful !!!!

One of the worst movies ever!!! We all know Cage′s movies are a straight-to-DVD and this is just another cheap Cage movie. I couldn′t give it a zero rating because there is no choice for that. I wanted to see it because of Tony Jaa′s martial arts talents but the movie does not let you enjoy Jaa′s fights unlike his own movies like Ong-Bak or Tom Yum Goong (a.k.a. The Protector).This movie also reminded me of another awful movie "Beyond Skyline" which I also wanted to watch because Iko Uwais′martial arts talents but these two movies have the same bad script, bad acting (Frank Grillo in both,btw),bad cinematography,bad sound, etc.You better stick to Tony Jaa′s and Iko Uwais′ previous movies (The Raid 1 &2) which are awesomely choreographed.

4 / 10

Good fights but fails to deliver on promise of premise

Jiu Jitsu (2020), not surprisingly, offers a lot of scenes of martial arts combat which are well choreographed and well executed by performers who are experts in their own right, including Tony Jaa, Alain Moussi, and JuJu Chan. However, it does not deliver on what Blake Snyder would have called the promise of the premise. It feels more like a cinematic version of a video game than a martial arts film. No novice acquires skills under the tutelage of a martial arts master, as in films ranging from The Karate Kid to Kill Bill. The protagonist doesn't really use jiu jitsu to defeat the villain. Many confrontations are not one-on-one or hand-to-hand. There is no real discussion of the philosophical or spiritual aspects. Nobody spends much time training. None of the characters seem to grow. The romantic B-story is flimsy and unconvincing.

Instead, we are given a team of elite martial arts experts, each of whom uses a different weapon: tonfa, sword, nunchaku, shuriken, staff, throwing knives, et cetera, except for the protagonist, who occasionally uses an opponent's firearm or other weapon, but quickly discards it.

The movie has aliens, space portals, a CIA plot, radiation levels, and an alien with some sort of Predator-like cloaking. However, the plot is somewhere between incoherent and nonexistent. Production values are more than adequate. The actors do as well as can be expected with the roles and dialogue they're given. The fight choreography is good and boosted by exemplary execution. Yet the film is not very satisfying and certainly not cathartic.

1 / 10

Absolute garbage

I don't mind hokey, contrived plots if the action's good. But the action isn't good.

This movie is a complete waste of time. Go watch some old Jackie Chan movies if you want great fights, or old John Woo flicks for brilliant, original fight choreography. Don't waste your time on this garbage.

1 / 10

Nick Cage is Good But Film Sucks

Cage is again stuck in a crappy film .His acting is good but the script directing cgi all suckAnd a list of no name actors to bootIf your going to hire Nick Cage make it worth the audience's time !

7 / 10

Kills the time pleasantly

This is a step up from the normal straight-to-DVD sci fi schlock I was expecting. It's not great by any means, but my popcorn certainly tasted better while I was watching it.

Nic Cage was a supporting role, and really toned down while still being Cage enough to meet some expectations.

I did like the premise, but it borrowed a lot from movies that have come before it. Enough of its own thing not to be insulting, but not original enough to disguise the stolen bits.