Jerry and Marge Go Large (\N)

Based on the true story about couple Jerry and Marge Selbee, who win the lottery and use the money to revive their small town.
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9 / 10

my gambling morale forbids me...

To give this film a ten and a jackpot on the imdb star spangled movieheaven, but as a true story ,'' it all happened here in this town '' kinda movie you wont find a better goodfeel comedy at the market today...

brian cranston, annete benning and rainn wilson could be the three way smile for the rest of the year, they found the flaw in the system, and everything is done by the head of a practical mathematics genious, winning the lottery if just playing at high stakes...

its actually a small history lesson in interstate lottery history, and if you think you have a mind for that jetset life than have a look, if you are just the same old grumpy man like me that needs a kick in the buttocks and a bloody good movie to make me smile, then HERE IT IS, ''jerry and marge go large'', the cutest we are the champions kinda spirited movie that just brings joy and glory and the best of moods from a to z...

9 / 10

Wow!! Was Not Expecting That!!

This movie appeared on my home screen of my Paramount app and I clicked on it without looking it up or doing any research which is unusual for me because usually before I watch any movie I want to know what other people thought of it so I don't waste my time on a stinker. But I rolled the dice with this one and watched it without looking at the reviews first or knowing anything about it at all. The payoff on this was big. Because within the hour and 36 minutes that this film is in length is one of the sweetest most human comedies I've seen in years. Well up there with some of my more memorable favorites like patch Adams or Batteries Not Included. This is one of those movies that will stick with you long after the credits have rolled. And definitely one of the best movies about the golden years that have come along in a long time maybe even since bucket list. I would highly recommend not missing this movie it is well worth the time and it's a great movie to watch if you're depressed because it will lift your spirits by the end. Because even though the story is about lottery tickets at the heart of it it's more of a movie about human relationships and have one man's act of kindness can change an entire town.

8 / 10

Great Feel Good Movie

Very good movie and cast. All actors did an excellent job. The trailer sums it up, if it's your cup of tea, you will enjoy it. It has love story, humor, adventure, suspense and evil.

And it was cool to know it was based on a real story, gave it more meaning. A great "feel good" movie


10 / 10

Pretty Darn Good

How could you not like this movie. Original story...great acting .Beats most of the crap out there. Highly recommend. Watch !!! ...You won't regret it.

8 / 10

A light and charming movie

Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening are brilliant in this small but charming film about a retiree gaming the lottery. Although the movie isn't very funny and the stakes are quite low for the characters, the story is interesting enough to make it engaging.