Ivy + Bean (2022)

Hudson Hua, Parker Hua, Keslee Blalock, Jaycie Dotin,
Two unlikely friends, the loud and fearless Bean, and the thoughtful and quiet Ivy. Yet the two discover that an adventure can reveal that even seemingly different people can become the best of friends.
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  • Annie Barrows, Jeff Stockwell, Kathy Waugh, Writer:
  • Elissa Down, Director:
  • Anne Brogan, Melanie Stokes, Producer:


9 / 10

This is really engaging & clever

Two kids of very different background become friends, with the added twist that somethings magical are going on if you're a Kid who believes the Obvious, or at least seem to be going on if you're and Adult being Objective. As in the best of these, there are parallel plot lines that will appeal to kid and adult viewers, simultaneously (spoiler: a jungle with venomous snakes might appear to the prejudiced Adult mind as the backyard vegetable patch). Acting by all is outstanding: reminiscent of Matilda, with sibling rivalry that will be interesting to watch play out. I gave it nine stars, only because you wouldn't believe me if I gave it 10. A nice discovery on a slow Labour Day weekend.

1 / 10

Drivel built to satisfy only 5 year old gray matter

The movie is complete drivel. The characters are bratty little girls who seem to enjoy all their sinful acts. Most of the movie plays out like a it's a hut made out of twigs and bubble gum: it's ineffective at the start, and then it completely falls apart. There isn't really much plot to speak of: the film just acts as a Joke Delivery Mechanism? for various pieces of slapstick. The minimal plot is almost entirely based off of the aforementioned slapstick and various insults wildly thrown around like pocket change in a washing machine. Any film like this is not worth watching. If you watch this movie, the only thing you will feel is emptyness. You will feel this because that's what the plot is. Empty, with only a few crumbs of spoiled corn flakes inside. The acting is dull, stale, and uninspired, the tension is nonexistent... This movie's only good part is that it is short. Everything else is horrid.

9 / 10

Buckle Your Seat Belts, Because Ivy And Bean Are Two Best Friends That Take The Audience On A Crazy Ride

Ivy + Bean is a three part movie series based on the iconic Ivy + Bean children's book series. Full of talented actors and a nostalgic plot, everyone can find something they enjoy in Ivy + Bean. Buckle your seat belts, because Ivy and Bean are two best friends that take the audience on a crazy ride.

Ivy + Bean is about two young girls with very different personalities. Ivy (Keslee Blalock) is quiet and reserved, while Bean (Madison Skye) is loud, outgoing, and a risk taker. At first, the two want nothing to do with each other. But once they realize they have a similar imagination, they become best friends and find themselves on plenty of adventures.

Ivy + Bean is a great family friendly movie to watch when you're just looking for some fun. The set design of Ivy + Bean is very well done, especially Ivy and Bean's houses. Both houses and the girls' rooms have a different tone, which highlights the differences between the two. Ivy has a lot of spells and ingredients in her room, but it is also neat. Meanwhile, Bean's room is animal themed and relatively more chaotic than Ivy's. This displays how Ivy is more reserved and organized and Bean is more wild and daring. We can also find examples of descriptive backgrounds in Ivy and Bean's backyards. Ivy has this nice area she calls her secret garden with paper butterflies and flowers that she takes Bean to. However, Bean mostly stays in her backyard with holes that she's dug and her tree houses. Props to the set and production designers for using these elements to expand the story. Having too many movies can sometimes backfire if they're long and don't have an interesting plot. However, the three Ivy + Bean movies have perfect continuity and each one brings something new. My personal favorite is the second movie, The Ghost That Had to Go, because of the involvement of all of the new characters and the craziness of trying to get rid of the ghost.

The message of Ivy + Bean is that having a big imagination and being willing to try new things can lead you to greatness. Both Ivy and Bean were hesitant before becoming friends. When they finally tried to see eye to eye, they realized that they have a lot in common, and could be a better duo than they thought.

I give Ivy + Bean 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 18. You can find all three Ivy + Bean movies on Netflix on September 2, 2022. So make sure you check it out! By Maica N., KIDS FIRST!