I've Got Issues (2019)

I've Got Issues is a movie starring Macon Blair, Claire Titelman, and Maria Thayer. A comedy about despair and what to do with it.
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  • Steve Collins, Director:
  • Jonathan Duffy, Michael Mobley, Kelly Williams, Producer:


1 / 10

I Wanted To Like It But ...

Maybe I missed the point. The movie is essentially a series of vignettes, each one with their own title card, with recurring characters. I think the movie was attempting to explore the meaning, or meaningless, of life on earth as a human being. But the series of short clips failed miserably if that was the goal.

From keys locked in a car, to malfunctioning soda machines, to holistic healing, to a guy getting a job as a KKK intern in charge of recycling (which sounds funny but it wasn't)... none of it made any sense and wasn't the least bit funny which would have at least given it some redeeming quality.

There are a lot of people who give a movie a "1", this movie actually deserves it. How this movie is currently holding a "7.2" rating is beyond me.

1 / 10

indeed you do

Because this film and the story behind it are nothing more than garbage. done and doner cheesy af nk and next

1 / 10


I saw the first 15 minutes and I couldn't catch the plot yet.It was so complicated and I tried to understand but I couldn't.Instead I fell asleep.I don't recommend to you guys, it's waste of time.

10 / 10

I like it.

But I don't understand.

I have to write this bit here because otherwise it complains the review is too short to post.

9 / 10

Take a trip through the absurdism of being human.

This is definitely a film that's likely to be divisive, but I love it.

Steve Collins has crafted something quite special here. The film taps into all those small moments in daily life where I'll want to just sigh and stare at the sky and ask, "Why?" Rather than dwelling in that despair though, Collins pushes every moment so far into absurdism that I found myself cackling through most of it. It's so easy to take life seriously at every minor inconvenience and this film captures the balance of the cosmic joke.

As thin as the characters may seem at first glance and as dry as this film is (we're talking desert-level dry here), I found myself identifying and empathizing with many of them. There's so much heart here and there is so much happening under the surface of the absurdity. While the vignettes get pretty bizarre, they're all grounded in real-life experiences and moments. Collins adjusts the dial deftly and knows just when to turn it up to 11, which is often.

This film tackles themes of identity, love, technology, the media, existentialism, and everything in between.

If you're a fan of filmmakers like Todd Solondz, Jocelyn DeBoer & Dawn Luebbe, Terry Zwigoff, Miranda July, or Quentin Dupieux, give this film a look. It's brilliant.