It Stains the Sands Red (2016)

Brittany Allen, Juan Riedinger, Merwin Mondesir, Kristopher Higgins,
In the throes of a zombie apocalypse, a troubled woman from Las Vegas with a dark past finds herself stranded in the desert with a lone and ravenous zombie on her tail.
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  • Stuart Ortiz, Writer:
  • Colin Minihan, Director:
  • Brandon Christensen, Bic Tran, Producer:
6/10 / 10

Okay, so there one reviewer (who obviously has not seen the movie)bitching about the only other reviewer being from the production (sure,a guy with 2.729 reviews and 16 years on the site is in on this movie).Give me a break.

I felt the need to clarify that this is not a god-awful movie. It's anindie production with a small cast and limited locations. This is aminimalistic zombie movie about a woman getting tracked by a singlezombie throughout the desert as she travels towards an airport. There'sa few interactions with other people, but for the most it it's her andSmall Dick (Smalls for short). Most of the time there's no realtension. Just a few mellow jump scares (as is the game with zombiemovies), when things go a bit awry due to thoughless actions by theprotagonist.

Later on, when more characters come in play, more common zombie tropesswitch places with the rather unique setup this movie started out with.

It's a nice way to fill up part of an evening. It's not meant forpeople who crave loads of action in their (zombie) movie, so don't goout and expect this. It's more of an introspective story that unfoldsduring a slow, permanent chase.

8/10 / 10

To try and quench my zombie appetite I have watched MANY MANY...and Imean MAAANY zombie movies, and many of them are pretty dang bad.

This is not one of them.

Although not academy award level in any aspect, I would consider thisdeserving of awards in the independent and lower budget arenas!

If reviewers and viewers pay attention you will notice that this movieis labeled a Drama, Horror, Thriller. I believe that's accurate. Forhard core zombie fans who like strict zombie action, I can see why somewould be disappointed. I was not. And in fact I was quite pleasantlycaptivated. This was a breath of fresh air for this tired, same olesame ole, genera. I finally found a zombie movie that had some MEANINGto it. Where the main character was believable and multi dimensional. Iloved the humor inter mixed thru out!

The camera work was EXCELLENT. The acting and direction was very verygood. And the story was full and different with the pace set at a nicesteady burn. After about 45 minutes the pace does pick up with some newcharacters introduced and some nice surprises!

After reading my review, you can tell whether or not this film mayinterest you. If you are on the fence...let me push you off. I thoughtit was an excellent film.

2/10 / 10

Boring movie with very unlike-able main character. I can never getbehind a movie where the main (and really only significant) alivecharacter is a crappy person and makes stupid decisions. At first Iwondered, is this meant to be a comedy? Certainly its no horror nor athriller. Black 'comedy' maybe. Annoying cheap drunk stripper coke headuses guy, shows shes a crap person, boringly gets chased by a very poormake-up-ed smalls, lets her misandry fly and over all proves she reallyis an unlike-able 'dumb broad'- would be a much more accurate summaryof this movie. Would definitely recommend re-watching TWD for the 100thtime over this. But in the pros - good use of landscape, actors aren'tterrible and zombie sound effects are good.

7/10 / 10

A woman with a dubious background finds herself standard in the desertpursued by a single zombie. She's not dressed for the occasion, it'shot and she has a plane to catch.

I thought this was a great little movie. It wanders slightly off thepath of your typical zombie flick and was a refreshing change.

There are some areas that didn't quite gel with me. At one point themovie feels like an assignment for a college project, like the directorhad to use at least five visual affects to convey exhaustion in asingle scene or something.

The film takes a change in pace and plot at one point which I didn'tthink was needed. They could have happily stopped the film early andsaved some money.

The film is semi-serious with some school boy elements and theoccasional bits of humour. There are some cracks in the plot about howshe overcomes the zombie but it is a zombie movie, so any viewer shouldknow better than to tug at those threads anyway.

An easy watch, not bad at all.

6 / 10

Good but...

First off, this is worth a watch, and it's far better than the 2-3 stars some reviewers are awarding.

Woman takes an unplanned "walking holiday" in the Nevada desert and picks up an unwanted follower in the form of a slow but relentless Zombie, is a great premise.

Brittany Allen as Molly does a perfectly acceptable job in the lead playing a character who has to deal with increasingly grim situations with nothing but steely determination 5 grams of cocaine to see her through.

In the last act the film lost it's clarity but still just about kept it together.

6 out of ten, could have been a 7 with a tighter ending.