It Boy (2013)

Virginie Efira, Pierre Niney, Charles Berling, Gilles Cohen,
Alice works for "Rebelle" magazine, where she needs to let her hair down to get a promotion. When Balthazar returns a lost USB to Alice, the appearance of dating someone half her age helps her. Does it get real?
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  • Amro Hamzawi, Writer:
  • David Moreau, Director:
  • Christophe Lambert, Abel Nahmias, Producer:

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7 / 10

..sometimes the actor totally makes the film

..there's a lot going on in this quirky-cute, little ninety minute rom-com... actually is a fan-com (fantasy comedy).. because there's absolutely no way in any known universe where the likes of this incredible 'woman' would be completely unattached, and be hooking up with this 'kid'.. it's a charming but totally predictable script, with an ending that holds true to form, but the film does work because of these two lead characters.. especially Virginie Efira.. she is a bona-fide star, and there's not one scene in the movie when she's on-screen that you can take your eyes off her.. she's just gorgeous.. and has acting talent to go along with her alluring beauty..

5 / 10

Not fully achieved

20 ans d'écart is the prototype of the not fully achieved French comedy, where the premise is rather interesting but doesn't go the distance.

Indeed, the script first sets in a very efficient and rather dynamic way the base of the plot, with a few touches of humour perfectly spicing up the dialogues. But unfortunately, the more the movie goes, the more you realise the writers didn't quite know where to go. The pace drops, the lines become less incisive, and the story struggles to get a second wind until the happy ending.

Overall, the movie is too conventional and doesn't exploit enough its comical resources. The characters lack depth but the duo of actors works well even though Niney overacts a bit, probably due to how his character was written.

Everything isn't to be thrown away therefore, far from it, but with a little more ambition, this could have been a good to very good comedy.

7 / 10

The romantic-sentimental comedy goes well with the French cinematographic tradition.

A light comedy (so what are the heavy ones? Probably the ones that end badly!) That works, well one might say because it's French. In fact, as Italians, it is impossible not to think how an Italian director, perhaps of the new generation, perhaps of the age of Moreau (evocative surname), born in 1976, would be treated as such. Long premise to say that romantic-sentimental comedy goes well with the French cinematographic tradition, a little less with the Italian one, with few exceptions, more aimed at comedy. However, the film holds up, in the staging, in the acting, in the musical commentary ... and, perhaps in a pandering way, in the finale. And in the end it puts you in a good mood, which is no small feat!

6 / 10


A fair good French comedy. Not very good, not very bad. The main actress is gorgeous and you don't believe a single minute she is 38, but the difference gap works well in the movie. I would recommend it for a cold night. If you don't have a lot of expectations, c'est marrant (you'll have fun!)

1 / 10


Really a movie you don't want to loose 90mns for. It's cheezy, cheap and let's not talk about the acting. You don't believe on minute in their couple

Don't loose your time