Island of Blood (1982)

Marie-Alise Recasner, Rick Dean, Ron Gardner, Terence Goodman,
Island of Blood is a movie starring Marie-Alise Recasner, Rick Dean, and Ron Gardner. A group of actors are assembled in a small island to film a low-budget movie. Soon, they begin to fall prey to a mysterious killer who uses the...
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7 / 10


A group of actors arrive at a private island of begin shooting for a movie. They start getting killed off to the words of a punk rock song whose chorus is "Burn me, stab me, chop me, nail me, boil me, saw me" ! If you can look beyond the average acting and mostly poor script the movie is half way decent. It does hold your interest, some of the killings are decent and the song the victims get killed to is catchy! The ending has a good twist too, which I won't give away. Island Of Blood is not a tereffic horror film but it isn't too bad either. Hard core horror fans will not be totally let down. Still most casual fans, won't appreciate the low budget feel to the movie. That is just too bad!! If you are into 70's-80's slasher fare, this one is worth a look.

7 / 10

Stab me and boil me!!!

A film crew set out for an island that will be the perfect location for their positive comedy/crap movie.Unfortunately the unknown killer starts slaughtering them with the aid of a chainsaw,machete,acid and nail gun whilst catchy punk song "Face to Face" is playing in the background.Very entertaining and watchable slasher based on Agatha Christie's famous novel "And Then There Were None".The song "Face to Face" is fantastic and it's played about a hundred times,so you will remember it long after the film is over.Someone's killing our crew members according to the lyrics.The acting is flat,the night scenes are badly lit and the script is routine,but after watching "A Serbian Film" I enjoyed loopy final twist of "Island of Blood" even more.A generous 7 out of 10.

5 / 10

Average Slasher with Above Average Twist

Not the most inspired slasher; but after a slow start, the practical fx /kills start chugging along at a decent pace, along with a satisfying conclusion. The characters range from likeable to complete one dimensional cardboard cutouts.I'd be very interested to see an uncut HD transfer since most of the film is extremely dark.If you're a slasher / horror aficionado, definitely watch this at least once. It has that comfort food early slasher vibe I dig.

4 / 10

The horror of bad new-wave music.

This little-seen early-'80s slasher is fully deserving of its obscurity: the unimaginative by-the-numbers plot sees a group of young film-makers gather on an island where they are bumped off one-by-one by an unseen maniac who likes to play a really bad new wave/punk song on his tape player while he is at work. The acting is basic (one of the actresses can't even blow out a candle convincingly), the direction and editing are clumsy, the characters are all unlikeable, and the dialogue is absolutely terrible (my favourite line: a guy hands a girl a nail gun "Take this - it fires nails like a gun." Talk about stating the obvious!).

To be fair, the deaths are quite nasty in concept, however the majority of the movie takes place in the dark, and many potentially disturbing scenes are hard to make out. A bloke is boiled to death in a swimming pool (the only death that takes place during the day), someone is speared, another guy is attacked with a chainsaw, a man is stabbed by a machete, and a girl taking a (nudity-free) shower is burned by battery acid, but the effects aren't great and gore-hounds will be left disappointed, at least until the final act in which we get to see a couple of the victims a little clearer (a guy's severed head with nails in his face and a girl with nails in her forehead).

In an attempt to differentiate his film from countless other slashers of the time, writer/director Bill Naud chucks in a twist ending that is totally implausible. And if you haven't already had a gutful of that terrible new-wave song (Face to Face by Factor Four), it plays in full over the end credits. Aaarrrgh!

9 / 10

Not Great By Any Means, But A Lot of Cheesy Fun!

ISLAND OF BLOOD aka WHODUNIT aka SCARED ALIVE is a bit of a mess. The editing is really bad, with scenes that kind of end abruptly and music that starts playing and gets cut off when the scene changes, with no smooth transitions between the shots. The movie itself ends rather abruptly, and while I won't spoil it, I think there should have been some sort of extra image or clip just to close with. The acting was decent all around, but there was one hilarious moment of underacting when the director of the movie within this movie, Franklin Phlegm, is having sex with an actress named BJ (snicker all you want, but she's the final girl) and he makes sounds like ooooohhh and aaaaaahhh to show how much fun he's having.

Of course, my worst complaint with this movie is that it's really dark in most scenes, which makes it hard to tell what's going on. This is unfortunate, as a majority of the film takes place at night, so it's troubling to see the fantastic gore on display. A classic example of this is when Rick bites the dust via chainsaw, and while you can see his arms flying off and the chainsaw sawing his butt, the rest is hard to make out. I hope that someday someone will release a DVD of this movie with cleaned up picture, so I can experience the film in all it's glory. HUMONGOUS had a similar problem, and now I can see what's going on thanks to Scorpion Releasing's great DVD! Hopefully, ISLAND OF BLOOD will share a similar fate.

That was all the negative stuff. Let's get into the positives. Most of the kills in this movie are fantastic and gory, including death by nail gun, chainsaw, spear gun, battery acid, and more. Like I said, a lot of the grue is hard to see due to the darkness of the VHS, which is really terrible since what little I did see was great. The song itself is really catchy, and those who dislike it will have a tough time watching the movie, since it plays repeatedly throughout. However, most of the deaths later on are off-screen, so I think the director forgot to pay the effects guy (in an interview with one of the cast members, he said the director neglected to pay nearly everyone involved in the making).

There's also a great death scene where the killer rigs the shower with battery acid, so when Donna decides to clean off, she gets burned really badly, and it looks really gruesome. There's also another moment of unbelievability when the killer breaks the thermometer on the swimming pool and makes the water boiling hot. He then pushes a fellow named Phil into the pool, and once again, it's a great effect. The acting was alright, especially considering this is a low-budget slasher which was most likely made to cash in on the success of Friday the 13th. The end twist was really original and tied up most of the loose ends. The characters are all entertaining, and there's some great dialogue that kept me entertained in between the kills. Most of that great dialogue comes from the cantankerous caretaker Bert, who spurts such kind words as, "I'm not going to mess with a bunch of food-picky drug freaks!" and when these young adults ask what they did wrong, he replies, "So far, just showing up." No, he does not survive.

The ISLAND OF BLOOD VHS has become a rarity of sorts on the internet, and the price range goes from $40-$70. Interestingly enough, the Whodunit version of the tape can be found online from $4 to $25. I don't know if the price difference is because most people don't know that they're both the same film, or if the ISLAND OF BLOOD VHS is just harder to find. Either way, this film is certainly worth checking out no matter what version is available. While it's technically a bad film, I still find it to be one helluva good time. The endless supply of quotable dialogue from the characters, the gruesome deaths, the killer's gimmick (the song, which is "Face to Face" by Factor Four), the reveal of the murderer, and the fast-pace all make this one of the best unknown slashers around and one of the biggest surprises I've gotten all year. The film seems to divide slasher fans into two groups: those that despise it for all the technical problems, and those that love it for the gore-ious cheese fest that it is. I happily belong to the latter group, and I'm proud about it.

The Verdict: Despite several flaws, Island of Blood is still a wonderful foray into the slasher sub-genre, filled with spectacular deaths and endlessly quotable dialogue.