Into the Outbreak (2017)

Caroline Heinle, Janelle Meghan, Meena Amani, Larry Rosen, Ed Bergtold, Deborah Twiss, Lloyd Kaufman, Nick Adamson, Dannah Basgall,
Into the Outbreak is a movie starring Caroline Heinle, Janelle Meghan, and Meena Amani. Macy and John are nearing the end of their relationship. Mandy and Steve just had a one night stand. Then an infectious outbreak starts turning...
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1 / 10

This is no 8.6 film--more like utter garbage

The only way this film got an 8.6 rating is if all the cast and crew rated the film themselves. It is utter garbage, shot in a crummy style with terrible acting. Don't waste your time. IMDB should be alerted to this shill.

9 / 10

Pretty good film for character based zombie film

The film was about how people deal with their feelings of love and loss during a zombie outbreak. Not the most action packed film if you are looking for zombie attacks, but it was an okay drama. The acting was decent and you could feel for the characters for the most part. There were a few scenes that it felt low budget and the acting less than great, but overall, did not take me out of the story line.

1 / 10

Dreadful beyond amateur bad

Only watched this because of the relatively high marks - Do not believe them they must all be shills every one.

You can tell within literally 1 minute of this tragic effort how bad it is going to be with the dreadfully bad female lead actress and the awful so called black guy zombie chomping on the guys stomach which had me laughing and ready to press the stop button - they literally dropped some tomato sauce on the guys blue jumper, they probably could not afford to rip the jumper even although the zombie was supposed to be eating his stomach - C'mon guys even the worst zombie films are not this bad!

Do not waste an iota of your time on this - It has some of the worst acting I have ever seen put to digital cam footage, even my holiday videos are more professional and i rarely give a movie a 1 out of 10 which means it literally is the worst movie you have ever seen and there is absolutely no redeeming features to this movie whatsoever; it ranks alongside the Bad Batch as my worst ever movies but even the Bad Batch has a few redeeming features whereas this turkeyburger has absolutely none.

If you want to see how not to make a zombie film or even ANY type of film then go ahead and torture yourself with this total Krap with a capital "K" as it is to the definition of the word a rancid big jobby of a movie and bottom of the barrel rubbish you will hate yourself for paying to endure - I would not even torrent this it is that bad!