Into The Deep (\N)

A young woman desperate for an escape, meets a mysterious and attractive stranger who promises a romantic trip. What follows is deceit, mistrust, and violence.
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  • 2019-10-03 Added:
  • David Beton, David Chirchirillo, Writer:
  • Director:
  • Sarah Gabriel, Marc Goldberg, James Harris, Producer:
4 / 10

Bad character decisions ruin it

Too many bad decisions and inane activity that really doesn't make sense. It needed a more coherent plot and better dialogue. I don't know. Just another bla movie. The acting isn't bad. And the lead is really nice looking in a bikini. That's about it.

5 / 10

I disagree

Two girls and a guy out on a 'disabled' sailing yacht. Someone is mentally unstable, but who? Ok, they had a budget and it would never win any awards, but not everyone can live in a Marvel universe. I've seen so many 4 rated movies, this one should be a 6, but it falls just a hair short. I think the protagonists do an acceptable job with their characters (and yes, the guy looks a lot like his sister). I stuck with it because I did get vested enough to want to know who the sociopath was. Colorful filming, pretty people, a little nudity, sadly no sharks, but a little blood, and a Disney ending (too bad). Quite watchable.

8 / 10

A sexy, gripping, tense ride

A tight, well-acted thriller. The foreboding tension started early and built towards an action packed ending. It nicely focused on 3 characters who's motives remained unknown until the end. The scenery was gorgeous, the boat was claustrophobic and the ocean itself added to the ominous tone. Matthew Daddario is excellent as an alluring but suspicious stranger.

7 / 10

Lead actress must be the producers girlfriend !

How on Earth do films like this even get made in the first place ?

The first 5 minutes is about as good as it get because - naked girl in the shower, it's all downhill from there ! I mean unless the lead actress happens to be the producers girlfriend, there is no good reason to make films like this, it's just a showcase for her slender body !

This is just another 'cabin in the woods' story but somebody had the 'brainwave' of making it on a sail boat except they have clearly never spent any real time on a boat like that and don't understand any of the basics of sailing boats.

There are so many plot holes and dialogue gaffs that I don't know where to start and to be honest you wouldn't believe half of them were in the film but don't waste your time watching this to find them ! The main ones that bugged me were how does an unconscious girl on a non running jetski bump into the only boat anywhere from horizon to horizon and out of sight of shore and how long does the producer imagine it took for the sailboat and jetski to get that far offshore ?

Awarding this 2 stars is generous but any film that I watch to the end deserves at least that much I suppose, I mainly watched to the end for some kind of explanations but there were none !

1 / 10

A load of SHIP

If you want to watch a low budget movie with characters you don't care about and a plot that is predictable... then this one is for you. If you want to watch a better "trapped on a boat" movie, watch Dead Calm or even Harpoon.