In the Earth (2021)

Joel Fry, Reece Shearsmith, Hayley Squires, Ellora Torchia,
In the Earth is a movie starring Joel Fry, Reece Shearsmith, and Hayley Squires. As the world searches for a cure to a disastrous virus, a scientist and park scout venture deep in the forest for a routine equipment run.
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  • Ben Wheatley, Director:
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1 / 10


Complete garbage from beginning to end. The plot was unclear, the chain of events made no sense, the endless cutaways to random images with annoyingly loud music makes me feel like I should've taken acid before going to the film so I could understand what was going on. The fact that critics thought this was a good film just further speaks to their lack of credibility. Stay away from this film if you value your time, it's TRASH.

2 / 10

Close to the worst movie I have ever seen

Some decent cinematography and nice early build of suspense. Then it gets bizarre, not necessarily bad in a horror film. Then it goes off the rails, dumb as hell, and tries its best to give you a damn seizure. Ending sucks, nothing rewarding or redeeming here! Avoid this at all costs, pretty sure this movie gave me a headache! The acting is decent but overall complete trash! Not worthy of a movie theater and I wouldn't even put my TV through that!!!

4 / 10

waste of time

I was pretty stoked for this movie after seeing the trailer. Figured it'd be a solid arthouse horror picture a la A24 type deal. This is coming from a guy who mostly prefers the B stuff but i enjoy me a good arthouse indie flick now and again.

But gee the two main characters were so flat and boring. Like, they couldn't add banter? Find interesting things to talk about while traveling through the woods. I miss the days in horror, and maybe this still happens from time to time, where characters have these very interesting attributes. An example, in del toros chronos, ron pearlman's character was obsessed with the size of his nose and getting a nose job. It was such an interesting tid bit. In this film there was none of that. The characters just flatly said things that were part of the plot. No banter. No conversations. Just "this is why i'm here". "this is what i'm doing". "why are you doing this?" "oh that's why".

Then a bunch of weird plot stuff, indecision in what the movie is supposed to be. Wicked cool trippy cinematography type stuff that was completely ruined by the entire plot of the movie. A bad explanation about why everything is the way it is.

Also the movie alludes to some kind of quarantine at the beginning. Not the one we're in rn i don't believe. But i think the writer thought that this would give it an air of mystery and apocalyptic dread. I think a movie like Monster, a sorta apocalyptic monster film that sorta followed a few people roaming through the forests did this concept well. In The Earth, however, did not. Just felt meaningless and pointless and was just an excuse for non-dialogue that thes indie filmmakers like so much.

The last 20 minutes was kinda coool. But not worth what you put into it. I really wanted to walk out of this one.

1 / 10

Waste of time!!

Beyond weird and horrible. Plot goes completely off the rails turns into strange LSD acid trip at the end. Massive strobe lights for long time on screen gave me headache. Really wanted to walk out of theater but stayed thinking it might finally make sense - NOT!!!!

1 / 10

Just say no

Positively the biggest waste of time in years. It took 20 min of blurred dialogue to catch slightly on and two hours to just find out they had no idea themselves what the movie was about. Absolutely clueless. Can't give you spoilers because if you bother to watch it's on you.